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Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Dora

Dylan is glad that his daughter is back to her old self. Rafe has dinner with his grandfather and is happy about some upcoming plans. Beth and Daisy get trapped in an elevator. Frank and Marina spend some time together. Harley continues to wonder about her feelings for Cyrus. Gus is invited to Harley’s for Thanksgiving. Rafe becomes mad at his father. Natalia and Rafe decide to work on Thanksgiving. Alan helps save Beth & Daisy. Cyrus helps Harley with dinner. Alex calls Harley out on her feelings for Cyrus. Marina is thrilled that her aunt is on her side when it comes to her boyfriend.
Dylan is at the door to Harley's house, knocking and yelling to get in. Music is blasting from inside as Daisy opens the door with a smile on her face. Her father goes inside and they turn the music down. Both look happy to see one another.

Daisy immediately asks him for advice with a student council speech and begins chattering on about school. Dylan smiles as he gazes at his daughter. When she notices him looking at her she asks what he's thinking. "She's back!" Dylan says his face beaming with pride.

Daisy continues to chatter on about school, while he father looks on proud. She goes on to tell him that she finally made the decision not to allow one of her choices define who she is as a person. Dylan nods in agreement, a smile still upon his face. Daisy then goes on to mention Rafe and how he still seems to be affected by the abortion. "It changed him." She tells her father. "And I don't know how to get him back."

Alan is waiting at Towers as Rafe rushes in. He quickly mentions to his grandfather that he's grounded, and lucky to even be there. He then looks at Alan and asks if his grandfather is going to 'rat him out to Gus.' Alan shakes his head. "I'm on your side." He tells his grandson.

Alan decides to change the subject and gives Rafe some menu suggestions. The two seem to be getting along fine. Alan even mentions that Gus seems to be going hard on Rafe now that he's living in the mansion. Rafe begins to stand up for his father, but Alan glosses over it. "He seems to be trying to make a point." Alan says, referring to Gus grounding his son. He's obviously trying to start trouble. He then goes on to mention Thanksgiving. Rafe lets his grandfather know that he doesn't know what he'll be doing for Thanksgiving, or what his father & mother will be doing either. He quickly tries to change the subject, but Alan makes it difficult. Alan 'guesses' that perhaps Gus will be spending the day with Harley and her family. Rafe shakes his head, again tells hi grandfather that he doesn't know what the plans are, and announces that he is ready to order.

Gus interrupts Natalia at work because he's brought her a cinnamon bun, which she seems happy about. Inevitably the wedding proposal comes up. Gus reminds her that he will wait for as long as it takes. "I have something else in mind too." He says. Natalia looks intrigued while Gus admits that he wants to spend Thanksgiving with his family - Rafe, her and him.

Natalia smiles. She seems to like the idea of spending Thanksgiving with her family, but tells Gus that they have a slight problem - Rafe is missing. Gus looks alternately disappointed about his son and ecstatic that he will spend the holiday with his family. He promises Natalia that he will find their son, and that they will spend the day together.

Marina tries to pay for her coffee at CO2, but the server won't let her. Marina begins arguing with him, trying to make the point that even though she's out of a job that she can still pay for her own drinks.

Frank steps in and throws money on the counter. Before either can protest he makes it clear that he is paying for the drink, and that it is final.

Frank then steps aside with Marina. They both smile when they look at one another, but seem tentative. He mentions Thanksgiving, and the annual football game to his daughter. Marina sighs and tells him that she doesn't think there's going to be a game this year. She attempts to walk away.

"I miss you." Frank calls out to his daughter. Cyrus is watching the whole scene from around the corner, without either of the Cooper Family knowing. Tearfully, Marina tells her father that she misses him as well too.

Alex continues to accuse Harley of having feelings for Cyrus. She likens Harley's denial to her own initial feelings for the man. Harley interrupts, reminding Alex that things are different for her. She mentions that they became close only because they were in a life and death situation. "That's it." Harley tells Alex disdainfully.

Alex doesn't want to hear that she is wrong, and wonders exactly how close the two of them got in the abandoned church. Harley sighs, exasperated.

Marina and her father seem to be getting along better as they discuss an old Thanksgiving Day football game. They're all smiles and seem happy.

"He's not coming tomorrow." Marina tells her father suddenly. "But that doesn't mean that we're not together." She says as her father's grin fades away.

Frank mentions the multitude of things that he blames Cyrus for, while Marina enumerates all the reasons that she loves him. Neither wants to hear what the other is saying. Finally, Marina stands up ready to leave when Cyrus appears.

Cyrus catches up with Frank before he leaves Main Street. He tells the chief of police that regardless of anything else it is Frank's actions that resulted in Marina distancing herself from her father.

With her father gone, Marina talks to Cyrus. She tells him how angry she is with her father. Cyrus looks at her lovingly and tells her that it is not her fault that Frank refuses to accept her life choices. Marina hugs Cyrus and tells him that she truly loves him.

Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Harley is on the phone with Cassie. She seems concerned about Jude, who has fallen off the swing set. Hanging up the phone, she promises to get over to the farmhouse as soon as possible.

As Harley is walking out, Alex asks her once more about what happened in the church. Harley thinks back to the kiss she shared with Cyrus. "We played rock,paper,scissors." She tells Alex. "That's it." Alexandra clearly doesn't believe her and wishes Harley the best of luck in getting the charismatic Cyrus out of her head.

Harley leaves the study, and as she is headed down the hallway she runs into Gus. She mentions the divorce and jokes around a bit with him before eventually inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. He agrees and it is clear that Harley is a bit nervous about the whole thing. She even extends the offer to include Natalia and Rafe. Gus smiles and thanks her. Harley then runs out, telling him that she will see him later.

Gus heads inside the study where he gazes at the engagement ring he has bought Natalia.

Beth and Daisy run into one another on the elevator at Towers. They're both talking about old times and get caught up in the conversation. It has been a few minutes before they even realize that the elevator hasn't moved. Neither looks too worried, and eventually pick up the emergency phone. They let the operator know they are trapped and ask for some help.

After they feel as though they've given rescue workers enough time to get to them, they pick up the phone again. Both women are still calm, but wonder when help will arrive. The operator on the other end doesn't instill too much hope in Daisy. She begins to wonder when someone will come to help them.

Rafe approaches his mother at work. She questions him about where he's been. He tells her that he was with his grandfather. Natalia seems ok with that, and then mentions Thanksgiving. She tells him that she wants the two of them to have dinner with Gus. Rafe smiles, and seem surprised, but glad that his father wants to spend the holiday with them.

Daisy tries to keep Beth calm while they remain trapped. The two begin talking about Beth’s baby and pregnancy. The emergency phone rings and Daisy answers it. They tell her that it still might be a while before they get out. Beth looks irate and comments that she is beginning to feel woozy. She decides to take matters into her own hands and digs her cell phone out of her purse.

Alan answers the phone, wondering what has caused Beth to call him. Beth claims it is a mistake, but tells him about being trapped in the elevator anyway. Alan promises to help her immediately. He hangs up the phone and rushes out to save her immediately.

Beth gets off the phone with Alan, and Daisy questions her. She wonders why Beth would have called her ex-husband of all people. Beth quietly tells Daisy that at one time Alan thought the baby was his; he would do anything to protect it.

Gus walks in on Natalia who is in the study. She is gazing at the engagement ring lovingly. Gus tells her that they need to talk. He tells her that Harley has invited them all to her house for Thanksgiving. Natalia tries to be understanding and tells Gus that he should definitely go, but that she doesn't feel comfortable going. He hopes that she understands why he wants to go - because of Zach & Jude. Natalia tells him not to worry about her and Rafe. Gus doesn't seem to get it, and continues arguing with her. He doesn't understand why they can't do two dinners - one with the three of them and one at Harley's. Natalia remains firm in her decision. While they are talking Rafe walks in. He look mad that his father would even suggest such a thing, and promises that he and his mom will eat quickly so that Gus can move on to his other family.

Marina runs into Harley on Main Street. She immediately hugs her aunt and then thanks her for the job. Harley looks flustered as Marina thanks her over and over again. She changes the subject and mentions Thanksgiving dinner. She tells Marina that she even invited Gus. They gossip about their family a bit before Marina mentions that Cyrus won't be coming to dinner. She tells her aunt that things between him and Frank have gotten especially bad. Harley nods, and thinks that perhaps it is for the better.

The two begin to part ways, when Marina begins talking about when she was kidnapped. "I never thought it would be like this." She tells her aunt, referring to her life with Cyrus. She didn't think that she would be so at odds with her father. Marina forces a smile though and hugs her aunt again. She thanks her for being there for her, saving her and helping her stay with Cyrus.

Marina leaves and Harley looks utterly confused.

Back at the mansion, Rafe is pissed at his father. He lays into Gus about choosing Harley and her family over him and his mother. Gus clearly doesn't see it that way and mentions Zach & Jude. He tries to explain that he wants to be there for the boys, but Rafe doesn't want to hear it. He accuses Gus of leading his mother on, and letting them both down. Rafe storms out of the study after telling his father that most of the time when they need Gus that he's not even there.

Harley scrambles to get everything inside of the house, with all the groceries in her hands. Cyrus rushes over and helps her with the keys. Harley laughs at he cracks some jokes about the size of the turkey she has bought.

Once inside Harley begins unpacking the groceries, while Cyrus mentions Thanksgiving. He tells her that he may rethink attending just to see the football game. Harley laughs, and tells him to leave. She explains that she has a lot of cooking to do, and that he should do see Marina. Cyrus won't take no for an answer and offers to help her. "Give me some potatoes to mash or chop." He tells her grinning. Harley smiles, clearly glad to have him there.

Daisy tries to make Beth as comfortable as possible in the elevator while they are waiting for help to arrive. Alan shows up, and rushes through the door. He tells her to sit down and ushers her inside. Alan explains that he was worried. Beth seems unnerved by everything, assures everyone that she is fine, promises that Rick will check her when she gets home and then walks out.

Marina strolls into the Spaulding study and seems surprised to see Gus there. He has the engagement ring in his hand, and tells her that it isn't for Harley. Marina seems surprised that Gus has proposed to Natalia. She tells him that he need to tell her aunt, but doesn't want him to break the news to her on Thanksgiving. Gus walks out, telling her that he's not going to lie to Harley. "I've done enough of that." He says.

Daisy walks into her room at the Beacon. She's alone and obviously thinking about Beth's baby, her father, Jim, and her abortion. She sits down on the couch looking upset.

On Main Street, Rafe still looks angry. Natalia tells him that he has the wrong idea about his father. She tries to explain that he wants to be there for everyone. He doesn't want to hear about it.

Natalia tries to change the subject. She mentions that the manager at Towers is willing to pay triple time for anyone who works the holiday. She proposes that they work together on Thanksgiving, made some extra money, and then spend it all on Christmas gifts. She reminds him of a past Thanksgiving, where they did something similar. Rafe finally smile as he tells her that it was when he was ten years old. "But it was fun." He tells her. They hug and agree to spend the say together working.

Alan finishes a drink at the Towers bar. The manager comes over and informs him that Natalia and Rafe will be working the holiday. Alan looks confused.

At the mansion, Gus calls Harley. He tells her that he needs to talk to her before he sees her on Thanksgiving.

Cyrus continues chopping vegetables away at Harley’s house. She seems to be having a good time as she picks on him and vice versa. He's helping teach her how to cook, and they get close. Harley moves away and tells Cyrus that she's invited Gus to dinner. She wonders if he thinks it is a bad idea. Cyrus jokes around about it, and tells her that no matter what she was in a tough situation. He wishes her good luck, and then rushes off to wash a shirt that has pie crust all over it. As he heads into the laundry room, she looks after him, clearly attracted to him.

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