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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/19/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Harley and Cassie bond over the men and family troubles in their lives. They do disagree on an Edmund and Cyrus comparison that Cassie accidentally makes when she is ill informed about the real man Cyrus is. Harley assures her best bud that Cyrus is nothing like Edmund, as a matter of fact he is quite a wonderful man. Maybe Cyrus has changed, Cassie is willing to admit, though she once thought that about Edmund and he tried to kill her.

While Cassie is at Harley’s house hoping that Edmund really is a changed person this time Josh is trying to convince Jeffrey the best thing for everyone, especially Cassie is to make Edmund disappear, for good. Jeffrey who has always been an enemy of Edmund is not opposed to offing the one time royal but feels Josh will not be able to live with what he has done. Josh explains why Edmund is such a danger to Cassie and their life. Jeffrey is shocked to learn that Alan is the real biological father of Beth’s baby and everyone seems to know except him. Jeffrey agrees to help Josh and to even act on getting rid of Edmund before he leaves for Montana with Reva. Reva is due home any moment so Jeffrey suggests they leave the house to discuss a plan because he promised Reva he would stay out of Cassie’s life.

Josh and Jeffrey go to Towers where they quickly establish an alternate reason for a clandestine meeting. Rather than speak in the dining room they step to the terrace. Before getting into any detail about what each have in mind, Billy interrupts with his own problems. Unaware, of what Jeffrey is planning, he asks Josh to just trust him to get the job done. Josh does trust him. Jeffrey heads off to get to work.

Harley and Cassie discuss Edmund, Cyrus, Marina’s kidnapping, Harley’s problems with Frank and Gus, Josh adopting RJ and Will, and the holidays. All seem to be spoken of separately yet all tie together. The talk of family and Thanksgiving gives Harley an excellent idea. She is going to bring the Cooper family together for the holiday.

Harley isn’t the only one with Thanksgiving weighing on her mind. Marina is sad that this year won’t be the typical pig-out and watch football as a family that they are known for. Cyrus tries to boost her spirits but Marina does miss her family. No matter she is just grateful to be spending the holiday with Cyrus regardless of what they eat or how little money they have. Marina has been stressed as her rent is overdue and she doesn’t have income to pay it. After making love to Cyrus Marina gets an idea for a job. Leaving Cyrus alone in her suite Marina rushes over to Cassie’s.

Cassie is surprised to see Marina but she cannot help Marina with what she needs. Marina asks Cassie to hire her as a tail for Edmund to ensure he doesn’t try anything tricky. When Cassie declines wanting to hire Marina she assumes it is because of her involvement with Cyrus but Cassie explains she wants to put Edmund out of her mind. She doesn’t want to spend her life looking over her shoulder and always doubting what Edmund is doing. Marina understands. She takes the opportunity to talk to Cassie about being involved with Cyrus, the bad boy. Though Cassie had seemed to disapprove of the relationship earlier when talking to Harley she really does understand falling for the bad boys. She has done it a time or two herself and she certainly saw that love can change people after watching Jonathan and Tammy’s love blossom.

Harley drops in on Cyrus and Marina but on finds Cyrus dressed in a towel. She invites them to Thanksgiving but the conversation soon turns to Cyrus and Marina’s employment woes. Harley has a solution to that as well. She tells Cyrus of once owning her own detective agency and she plans to reopen it. Harley wants Marina to come work with her. After their grand adventure tracking Marina and Griggs Cyrus wants in on the action as well. Harley doesn’t need her arm twisted to convince her that going into business with Cyrus and Marina is the right thing to do.

Just when it looks like everything is turning out well for Cyrus and Marina, she is going to get her big family holiday thanks to Aunt Harley and Marina and Cyrus will be working and even better , together, Cyrus decides he doesn’t want to spoil Marina’s holiday so he does not want to go with her to Thanksgiving dinner. Marina insists that he go no matter what.

Harley has taken the liberty to pay Alexandra a visit. She makes it clear this is more of a social call than business but it is her business and she doesn’t want any problems out of Alexandra. Alex is almost amused by the prospect of Cyrus being a private detective. Harley makes a case for him which tips her hand. Alex can see through the forgiveness and family togetherness, Harley has a thing for Cyrus.

Edmund busies himself by planning a celebratory massage in his room. Just before his massage he can resist boasting to Jeffrey that he is purchasing a house just one mile from Cassie’s home. Jeffrey makes the call, bringing a hired hinch man that he has worked with before and trusts. The thug shows up and makes his move while Edmund is on the massage table. Edmund recognizes the muscle as Rock Hoover.

Josh tried to act as normal as possible with Cassie at home. She is happy and grateful to have Will back in her life and to have some sense of happiness and peace. Josh and Cassie relax on the couch as a normal everyday couple. Josh gets the call he has been hoping for all day from Jeffrey. “It’s done“ Josh feels reassured. Jeffrey returns a call from Reva making plans to meet at the airport to leave for Montana. He doesn’t mention anything about Josh, Cassie, or Edmund.

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