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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/16/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Reva is unnerved by her airport pick up yesterday by Edmund. Reva tries to talk Cassie into doing something to Edmund that would get him out of their lives for good. Cassie thinks Reva is just joking but is a little worried knowing her sister is unstable at times. Reva tells Cassie that Edmund tried to convince Reva to help him break Cassíe and Josh up. Cassie still doesn’t seemed worried by Edmund.

Edmund is at the farm house confronting Josh with his knowledge of cassia’s guilt in hiding the truth about Beth’s baby. Josh tries to deny it but Edmund knows everything. Josh is willing to find out what Edmund wants but the price is too high. Edmund wants Josh to leave Cassíe for Reva in order to save Cassie from legal trouble. Josh doesn’t agree and is left with a few days to think about it.

When Cassie returns home Josh pressures her to take legal action to keep Edmund out of their lives and the lives of the kids. Cassie doesn’t feel as threatened as Josh seems to be.

Will secretly meets with Edmund to complain about Josh. Edmund assures his beloved nephew that he has nothing to worry about, Josh will be out of Cassie’s life for good soon enough.

Reva is really missing Jonathan and Sarah with the approaching holiday and first birthday of her granddaughter. Jeffrey comes home with just the answer. A trip. Reva is hesitant because she just got back from a trip. Jeffrey urges her not to make a decision until she sees where it is to. Reva looks at the tickets. They are to Montana. Why would we go to Montana she asks. Because Jonathan and Sarah are there and Jeffrey is going to make sure it is safe for her to visit them at least for a day. Reva is thrilled.

Reva tells Jeffrey she is thankful for the trip but also that he is in her life. She is really over Josh and glad to be with him. Jeffrey tells her he is over Cassíe and also glad he is with her. Reva goes shopping to take gifts to Jonathan and Sarah as well as to pick something up for Jeffrey. While Reva is out Jeffrey is visited by Josh.

Josh wants to hire Jeffrey concerning Edmund. Jeffrey politely turns him down claiming he is leaving town but for Josh to call Mel. Josh doesn’t want to hire Jeffrey as a lawyer, he wants Jeffrey to make Edmund disappear.

Gus pressures Natalia to get involved but she can’t if he isn’t completely over Harley. Natalia is willing to wait but Gus isn’t. Gus gets word that Rafe is skipping school and acting out from daisy, when Gus tries to talk to his son about it he gets attitude. Gus grounds Rafe and uses his misbehavior as an excuse to get closer to Natalia.

Gus’ solution to improving Rafe’s attitude is to show real family stability. Natalia agrees they should act as a family but is stunned when Gus pulls an engagement ring from the drawer and asks her to marry him. Natalia will have to have some time to think about it and be sure. She also wants Gus to be sure that this is what he wants. Gus already is he tells her. Gus asks for the chance for them to fall in love the way they used to be. He pulls her into a kiss that Alan walks in on.

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