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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Beacon) When Dinah wonders why she is home in bed rather than at work, Lizzie responds that she is taking a sick day. Dinah then gets worried and asks Lizzie if she is hung over or if she has food poisoning. Lizzie says she isnít hung over so Dinah tells her the story of how she got food poisoning on her first official date with Mallet. Since Lizzie doesnít respond to any of her guesses as to why she is sick, Dinah makes one more guess: it must be a guy. Dinah is happy that Lizzie found someone after such a long time. Lizzie tells Dinah that the guy was short lived because the relationship is over and that is why she is depressed. Dinah tells Lizzie that she shouldnít be depressed, because everybody has one night stands. Though at first Lizzie canít tell her what happened, after a few minutes she opens up and tells Dinah that, after Jonathan and Sarah died, she didnít want to be with anyone. After a while, though, you start to miss having a guy in your life. Lizzie explains that she thought this was going to turn into something real, but it turned out the guy just used her. Dinah says she is sorry this happened and wonders if it was at least good. Lizzie admits it was very very good which is why she is so hurt. When Dinah offers to set the guy straight so that he can at least apologize for his actions, Lizzie says Dinah she can talk to him when he returns to pick up his stuff. Since Dinah is puzzled as to why the guy would leave the stuff in her room, Lizzie says he left his shopping bag in the corner, which Dinah recognizes as Billís.

(Towers) Bill and Billy meet with Mr. Nelson. Bill tells Mr. Nelson he is happy to be working on that account again since he has been taking time off from the day-to-day operations over at Lewis Construction. Bill gets Billy to back him up on the story and then tells Mr. Nelson to call him directly to set up their next meeting instead of talking to Wanda. Once the client is gone, Billy wants to talk to his son about the argument they had last night, but Bill doesnít have anything to say, and he really doesnít want to listen to anything Billy may have to say to him. Billy tells Bill he was not aware of anything that went on in Venezuela, but Bill is more annoyed Billy hasnít offered him his job back with the company. Since Billy is puzzled by Billís comment, Bill tells his father that he saved the day when his second in command didnít show up for the press conference, so he should at least get his job back. Billy quickly reminds Bill that he was the reason Lizzie missed the press conference. Bill tells his dad he didnít tie Lizzie to the bed. Billy thinks that Bill should watch his mouth when he talks about Lizzie. Bill is hurt that Billy is so quick to defend Lizzie, but he treats him like a little boy who needs to get his act together Bill tells his dad he already has his act together but Billy thinks Bill is in trouble and is in over his head. Bill thinks the two of them should go drink a glass of bourbon and talk about which one of them is in over his head.

(Farm) Josh arrives and asks Cassie where the boys are. She tells him that Will is upstairs and R.J. went for a bike ride with his friend Bobby. Josh is surprised that R.J. went for a bike ride so early, but Cassie says R.J. canít seem to get out of the house fast enough these days. She also apologizes to Josh for getting upset with him for suggesting that Will locked himself in the barn and blamed R.J. for it. Cassie explains that she has been letting Will get away with a lot lately, because she feels guilty for giving him up so he could be the Prince of San Cristobel. Josh tells Cassie that she made a loving sacrifice, because she thought she was doing what was best for Will at the time. Cassie doesnít want to scare off Will and Josh doesnít want to do that either, but they must figure out what is going on with him if he would lock himself in the barn and blame R.J. Will, who has been listening to the conversation, comes out of his hiding spot and asks Josh if he can teach him how to play baseball like he taught Shayne. Josh tells Will he would be happy to teach him how to play baseball. Reva thinks that Jeffrey hired a car service to pick her up from the airport but is shocked to discover Edmund behind the wheel of the car. Reva decides to accept the ride from Edmund and asks him to take her to Cross Creek. Edmund agrees but wants her to pay for the gas. Reva tells Edmund that Cross Creek isnít in Oklahoma anymore, and Edmund is surprised that so may things have changed since the last time he was in Springfield. Edmund has no intention of going back to prison, but Reva isnít so sure he wonít go back soon. Reva warns Edmund to stay away from Cassie and her family, because she and her kids are safe and happy now, and they have had enough trouble. Edmund points out that Cassie is safe and happy because of Josh and doesnít understand how Reva let that happen. Edmund thinks that it must drive Reva crazy that Josh is with Cassie, but Reva tells him everyone is fine and happy and she has moved on with Jeffrey. Edmund is tired of the small talk so he gets to the point and tells Reva to stop her self righteous defense of Cassie, because he knows they are on the same side. Reva is confused by Edmund's comments, so he tells her she doesnít want Josh and Cassie together any more than he does, so they should work together to break up the happy couple.

While they play baseball, Will tells Josh that his dad didnít know how to play baseball so he isnít very good. Josh throws a fastball, and Will hits it. Josh tells Will he did a nice job and offers to take him to the high school next time so he can hit some balls to home there. Will would like that and goes to get the ball he just hit. Cassie is happy that Will is bonding with Josh and that he is so excited about spending time with him playing baseball.

Vanessa wants to talk to Bill, but he doesnít like the feeling that he is being double-teamed and asks his mom not to give him a lecture, because he isnít in the mood. Billy tells Bill that he knows something bad happened to him in Venezuela but he isnít going to let him use it as an excuse to hurt his mother or anybody else that he loves. Billy also makes it clear to Bill that he and Lizzie are going to take the account back because they know it better than he does, and he thinks he is in over his head. Bill tells his dad that he was just going to say the same thing to him. Bill tells his mother good-bye and leaves after Bill is gone. Billy and Vanessa are very worried about their son, because something really bad must have happened to him in Venezuela. Billy tells Vanessa that Bill had no excuse to do what he did to Lizzie, and he knows he did it to get back at him. Vanessa thinks that Bill has to cut all ties to him and be his own man. Billy thinks itís more than that because the look in his eyes is different. Whatever happened in Venezuela has really changed him. Billy thinks he should have seen the signs before Bill suffered so much.

(Beacon) Although Lizzie doesnít want to put her in the middle of this, Dinah tells her Bill only told her he had gotten a new client. Lizzie explains that Bill stole her client using her notes and her speech and used her diary to snag her. From everything that Dinah told her about Bill, she had no idea he could do something so low. Lizzie tells Dinah she thought that Bill was someone she could fall in love with and calls herself pathetic, because she fell in love with him in two minutes while all he wanted to do was use her to hurt Billy. Lizzie feels she should have known Bill was lying, because no guy has ever told her anything and actually meant it. Dinah asks Lizzie to understand that Bill just feels like his whole family has turned their backs on him and is hurt, so he just wants to hurt his family back. Dinah also tells Lizzie that she has everything Bill used to have: Billyís devotion and his old job at Lewis Construction. Lizzie wonders how Bill doing what he did to her is supposed to get that all back for him since Billy is now very mad at him. Lizzie thinks she canít trust a guy again, because a great guy like Bill could do this to her. Lizzie asks Dinah to let her mope in peace.

(Inside the car) When Reva tells Edmund she wonít help him break up Josh and Cassie, he stops the car and lets her out while there is still a long way to her house.

(Beacon) Dinah tries to get Lizzie to talk to Bill, but she doesnít want to come out and talk to him. Dinah tells Bill he acted like a real jerk towards Lizzie and he is surprised she is telling everyone. Lizzie threatens to take an ad out in the journal so everyone will know what Bill did to her.

When Reva catches Jeffrey doing some surveillance on Cassie to protect her from Edmund, she doesnít think that it's his call to make, but Jeffrey insists that Edmund is dangerous, so Cassie and her family need to be protected from him.

(Farm) Cassie, Josh and Will arrive home. Josh sees Edmund and tells Cassie to go inside with Will, but Will has already seen his Uncle Edmund and runs to show him his baseball mitt. Cassie asks Will to go upstairs, but he doesnít obey her until Edmund tells him to listen to his mother.

(Beacon) Lizzie doesnít want to talk to Bill about what happened between them despite all of Dinahís efforts. Dinah tells Lizzie and Bill that she needs a job so Bill gives her one at Lewis since she is family.

(Cross Creek) Josh arrives to ask Jeffrey to stop the surveillance on his family, because he is perfectly capable of taking care of them himself. Jeffrey tells Josh he will always care about Cassie and thinks Edmund is dangerous so she and her family need protection. Wanting to stop the conversation, Reva asks Josh to leave and promises him that she will handle Jeffrey. Jeffrey is annoyed by the fact that Reva wants to handle him. Reva asks Jeffrey to let Josh take care of Cassie, because if he is watching Cassie, he wonít have time for her. Jeffrey likes the fact that Reva is jealous, so he promises he is going to stop the surveillance on Cassie.

(Farm) Edmund tells Cassie he is sorry about Tammyís death and thanks her for letting him be close to her despite everything that he has done to her in the past. Cassie tells Edmund it took her a long time to let go of the past, but she did and now all she wants to do is the best for her family. Cassie asks Edmund to leave Springfield so that Will can start his life over and bond with Josh. Edmund tells Cassie he was planning to start his life over in Springfield and he certainly doesnít want to cause her any trouble. Edmund appreciates the time he has spent with Cassie and Will, then tells her good-bye.

(Cross Creek) Cassie arrives to talk to Reva, and Jeffrey leaves to go to work but not before telling Reva that he was wrong and she was right.

(TV station) Dinah arrives and tells Vanessa that she understands why she and Mallet put her in an institution even though she didnít belong there. They just wanted her to get better, because they love her. Dinah gives her mother a hug then drops some papers on the floor and quickly picks them up before she leaves.

While Lizzie and Bill have dinner, he tells her he wants to get to know her better but she wants him to apologize for what he did to her. Bill tells Lizzie that what he did had nothing to do with her; it was business. Lizzie tells him business is personal to her. Bill points out that she has been known to use people in the past, but Lizzie insists she isnít the same person anymore. Bill tells her that he has also changed since he came back to town. Lizzie tells him they have both changed so maybe they are not that different after all. After Lizzie forgives Bill, he hopes they can be friends. Lizzie sees Billy with a client and tells Bill he should apologize to his father. Billy sees Lizzie and introduces her to the client, because he thinks he is about to close the deal. The client gets news from the financial wire that says the head of Lewis Construction is a drunk. The client says he canít trust Billy with his property and leaves a puzzled Lizzie and Billy wondering how the news got on the financial wire. Bill takes Dinah aside and she tells him that she dropped some papers on purpose, so a reporter could find them when she went to the station to visit Vanessa.

Jeffrey makes a call thanking his secretary for getting him the tickets to Montana. Jeffrey tells his secretary he doesnít want to have his calls forwarded, because he wants to have a relaxing Thanksgiving with Reva.

(Cross Creek) Cassie tells Reva she told Edmund to leave town, and she doesnít have anything else to worry about anymore. Reva tells her Jeffrey thinks they should all worry about Edmund. Cassie tells Reva to tell Jeffrey she has everything under control. Reva thinks Edmund should be wiped off the face of the earth, and they are just the two women who can do it.

(Outside the farm) Edmund arrives and tells Josh that he knows Bethís baby belongs to Alan, and that Cassie switched the test results, and that he is covering everything up to protect Cassie.

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