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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/14/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Bill lurks around Springfield revealing his presence back in town to people one by one. Olivia happens upon him in the hall of the Beacon. She is thrilled to see him but Bill doesn’t return the sentiment. They make nice casual small talk but there is tension. Olivia apologizes for the lies and her behavior before Bill left town. Bill promises to call and leaves. Lizzie arranges for Bill and Billy to meet. Billy takes over their plans for the day. Bill pretends all is well but there is an edge to him. Billy has made reservations for them to have lunch with Vanessa. Vanessa is smothering and seems to have made peace with her past with Billy. Everyone can tell there is something wrong or on his mind but Bill pretends everything is just fine. Every time Bill turns around someone is talking about how great Lizzie is and how great she and Billy are together. Bill’s resentment and jealousy of Lizzie is mounting at every turn and mention of her name and her good work.

Lizzie is due to close a huge business deal today for Lewis construction but not if Bill can help it. He reads her diaries to learn just what makes her tick. Alan meets with Lizzie before her press conference in hopes of convincing her that Billy is only using her. Bill interrupts and makes a noble speech commending Lizzie for her great work. To celebrate Bill and Lizzie drink and toast many shots at Towers. Bill gets Lizzie drunk and seduces her. Lizzie passes out after having sex with Bill and misses the press conference she was suppose to hold. Luckily Bill is on hand to save the company and his father from public embarrassment. Bill is armed with files he stole from Lizzie.

Lizzie is in a daze with questions about how she missed the meeting. Billy is disappointed but no too upset after Bill took over like a trooper. Lizzie feels she let everyone down including herself. When she returns home she discovers her diary has been tampered with and realizes Bill knew just how to get to her.

Lizzie is waiting with a baseball bat when Bill returns home. They argue. Bill turns cold and calculating insulting Lizzie and degrading her. Lizzie doesn’t understand where his hate for her is coming from. She cries and begs him for answers. Bill holds Lizzie responsible for convincing Billy to fire him in Venezuela. This sends Lizzie into a rage, she swings the bat knocking him into a shelf of glasses. Bill is fuming over a deep gash in his arm. He walks out just before Billy walks in. Lizzie tells Billy what happened and he confronts his son in Cassie’s barn.

Bill is showing his true anger now. He screams at Billy about what really happened in Venezuela and his resentment, that he lived everyday in danger and was almost killed when Billy fired him. It was a way of life danger but he had it under control until he lost all of his power and money after becoming unemployed. He was nothing to the government that didn’t want American businessmen in their country. When Bill couldn’t do for them anymore they were ready to kill him. Bill barely made it out alive. Billy feels horrible having no idea it had been so bad for Little Bill, but it appears to be too late for Billy to mend his relationship with his son.

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