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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Olivia tries to get information out f Lizzie about Phillip. Lizzie doesn’t know any more than Olivia does but points out she doesn’t think that Phillip’s return would be a bad thing. This drives Olivia over the edge. She warns Lizzie if she helps her father return and Emma is in danger, Lizzie will answer to her. Olivia created a certain amount of paranoia in Lizzie. When Olivia leaves Lizzie discovers there is someone in her shower. Lizzie calls out “daddy?” From the bathroom emerges Bill Lewis. Lizzie gives him the third degree for being incognito for so long. Bill is amused by her dedication to the job and flirts with her. Bill wants Lizzie to keep it to herself ,for a bit, about his return.

Dinah comes home after being whisked away from Edmund by Mallet. Dinah and AC try to have dinner together but Mallet wants his wife back and is concerned on many counts for Dinah. This upsets her. Dinah claims that Mallet has hurt her more than Edmund ever could by always trying to protect her and treat her as if she were broken. The high light of Dinah’s day is seeing Bill. Dinah and Bill dupe Lizzie into letting him stay in the room with them. Bill continues to flirt with Lizzie and act like nothing is wrong in his life. When Lizzie leaves the room Bill confesses some trouble he ran into with the government of Venezuela. Exact details aren’t revealed but Bill is back in town with an agenda. Whatever it is Dinah wants in she tells her little brother.

Olivia busies herself by trying to make sure everyone is aware Phillip could be back and gunning for Emma. Olivia is so desperate she turns to Billy for help. Olivia tells Billy that Bill should be here since he is Emma’s adoptive father. Also Phillip may try to come after Bill where ever he is. Billy is worried about bill’s state of mind and assures Olivia that she is probably better off that Bill isn’t in town.

Cassie prepares for her day out with RJ. The time and talking does wonders for RJ and their strained mother/son relationship since Will’s return. Unfortunately things aren’t going so swell for Josh and Will. Josh and his new step-son work in the barn. First making shelves for Cassie then changing the lock on the door so no one will ever get locked in again. After taking a closer look at the lock already in place Josh figures out RJ couldn’t have locked Will inside the barn. The boy did it to himself. Will doesn’t deny lying about what happened but doesn’t admit to it either.

When Cassie and RJ return, Josh tries to talk to Cassie about the discovery. Cassie attempts to speak with Will but he begins to fake cry to get out of being scolded or punished. Cassie puts her foot down with Josh. She will not allow him to accuse Will of something he didn’t do. The conversation gets heated as Josh won’t let RJ take the blame for it either. Will listens grinning at the riff he created.

While Cassie and RJ were out, they run into Edmund. Edmund intervenes in their conversation and surprisingly gets thorough to him, just the way he had earlier in the week with Will. Cassie is grateful but suspicious of why Edmund is being so kind. Edmund contends he wants to turn his life around and be a better person.

Edmund takes the moment to ask Cassie if they can talk about Tammy’s death. The topic is emotional for Cassie but she calmly explains how she felt and still feels, the internal battles she fought for justice and peace. Edmund is using the topic to pry information and a connection from Cassie to the changed paternity test results.

When Cassie leaves, he calls to confirm the date, time, and location of Josh’s ordination.

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