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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/12/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Harley arrives just in time to save Cyrus from deportation. Marina is hysterical clinging to her love that she fears loosing forever. No one can control Marina not even Cyrus who tries to reason with her in a calm and quiet tone. Marina is screaming the truth about who kidnapped her but no one is listening until Harley confirms. Before Cyrus is released Harley is forced to choose between family or the truth. Frank can’t believe Harley would side with Cyrus over him. Harley cannot believe frank has lost sight of his fair, objective, and honest sense of the law and enforcing it. Harley tells the truth about Frank’s lies simply to get rid of Cyrus. Frank accuses Harley of destroying the family beyond repair. Harley feels she did the right thing.

Doris overhears and can’t wait to exploit the dysfunctional family. Doris orders Cyrus to be released immediately out of fear the Spaulding’s may sue. Cyrus is the husband of Alexandra after all. Doris assures Frank and Harley that she is going straight to the media with the miscarriage of justice and strong-arming that Frank thinks he can get away with.

Marina is relieved Cyrus has been spared from being sent home. Cyrus and marina make plans to celebrate his freedom. Before there will be any celebrating Cyrus and Harley insists Marina try to talk to frank. Marina agrees although she knows it won’t do any good. Cyrus insists Harley join in. Harley agrees but shortly into the toasts decides she is the third wheel and excuses herself. Cyrus and Harley shop together as they wait for Marina. Harley is touched by how much Cyrus loves Marina and misses having the love of a man in her life. Harley and Cyrus have formed a bond that will not be easily broken.

Coop is busy campaigning away for Buzz while Doris is doing her best to destroy his family and their good name. Ashlee cheers Coop on . It seems they may finally be on the right path in their relationship. Doris has a new focus other than Ashlee and her friends.

Ashlee talks with Doris goading her on until she discovers what Doris is up to regarding the election. It’s much more than a smear campaign. Doris is working with Alexandra to rig the election. She tells Coop and asks him to help her sabotage Doris. Coop is reluctant but agrees.

Before meeting Ashlee at her room Coop spoke with marina asking her to lay low with Cyrus for the sake of Coop. Marina is insulted but understands. With that fire under control coop is faced with a much bigger issue after talking with Ashlee.

Cassie and Josh feel they have a problem on their hands with RJ. Little do they know it is Will that is acting out and blaming RJ. Edmund seeks spiritual advice from Josh who laughs at the idea of offering guidance and support to Edmund. Cassie takes the boys to Main Street. RJ is wise to Will’s manipulation and lies but doesn’t reveal the truth to his mother. Will can’t resist setting RJ up again after stealing $40 from Beth’s wallet and planting it in RJ’s pocket. RJ remains quiet as his mother scolds him and Beth tries to make excuses. The stress of the boys ill-adjustment is taking it’s toll on Cassie.

Josh is next visited by Rick. Edmund listens as Rick and Josh discuss the paternity of Beth’s baby. To confirm what Edmund suspects he happens to run into Beth where he casually brings up her baby, Alan, Rick, and Cassie. Beth is defensive but reveals exactly what Edmund was looking for. Edmund figures out it was Cassie that was instrumental in keeping Alan from knowing the truth about his daughter. Edmund’s resentment and anger returns feeling Cassie was hypocritical to banish him for doing the very same thing.

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