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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/9/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Harley and Gus meet with Father Ray to discuss their annulment. Father Ray doesn’t feel this is what they really want. Harley is just trying to give Gus what he wants. She cries through the entire meeting. Father Ray makes them talk some things out and recall their relationship. This makes each of them smile. Harley’s phone continues to go off during the meeting. She grows concerned checking her voice mail just as they are about to sign the papers to make the annulment official. After listening to the messages Harley grabs the pen scribbles her name and rushes off. Gus is hurt that signing the papers didn’t seem to effect Harley at all.

Marina and Cyrus are blissfully in love and make plans for the rest of their lives and the day. Marina asks Cyrus to marry her. After being lectured earlier by Harley, over his obsession with Cyrus, Frank calls immigration and reports bogus kidnapping charges against his nemesis.

Cyrus and Marina are at CO2 figuring out how they will support themselves. Buzz who is always an advocate of true love gives them each jobs. Things are beginning to look up until immigration agents surround them to arrest Cyrus. Marina stand up to the agents and is almost arrested as well. Cyrus won’t let her get arrested he goes with the agents. Marina and Buzz follow them to the station. Cyrus will be on a plane within two hours. Marina refuses to say good-bye holding out hope that Harley can help.

When it is time to go Marina breaks down in to hysterics clinging to Cyrus and pushing frank out of the way. She is screaming and crying, no one can calm her. Harley arrives just in the nick of time. When Harley learns frank lied about the charges she is blown away by how low her brother is willing to sink to get rid of Cyrus.

Natalia is working her job as a maid when she comes across a DVD of Gus and Harley’s wedding in a guest’s room. She watches it. Natalia begins to realize how much Gus really does love Harley. In the hall Natalia runs into Olivia who is on edge. They talk about Phillip. Olivia admits she is afraid of him but at one time she loved him like crazy. Olivia uses the conversation to bring up Gus and Harley. Olivia believes if Natalia was out of the way Gus and Harley would find their way back to each other.

Natalia realizes that Olivia is right. She goes to Gus’ room just before he signs the annulment papers. She takes them from him and tears them up. Natalia explains she did want things to be the way they were when they were kids but knows it won’t ever be that way again. Harley is a part of his life and a big part of the man he is today.

Olivia goes to Alan. She is out! She doesn’t want anything else to do with driving Natalia and Gus apart. Alan warns she will be sorry. Later when Olivia is out of her room Alan breaks in. wearing leather gloves he trashes the place and sets up personal items as a hint that Phillip had been in the room. Alan waits around the corner in the hall for Olivia to return. When she arrives home the plan worked. Olivia is frightened for herself and Emma. Alan is pleased with himself and sneaks away.

Seconds after Alan leaves the area, a man dressed in dark clothing arrives waiting outside of Olivia’s door. He has a teddy bear in his hand.

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