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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/8/07

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Hospital ) Rafe calls Daisy on his cell Phone but he can’t figure out what to say and in the end just says it was a mistake to call her. Rafe quickly hangs up the phone when Natalia arrives and asks how things went with the doctor. Rafe angrily responds that the doctor said he was fine and that he is old enough to control his own diabetes.

(Park) Gus sees Zach and Jude who are sad because a boy from school named Jason told them that Gus wasn’t their father anymore. Gus tries to explain to the boys that he will always love them and be a part of their lives he just won’t live with Harley anymore.

(Station) Harley arrives for work and Frank gives her a stack of case files but she is overwhelmed by all the noise and goes outside to get some air. Frank tells Harley she can take as much time as she wants to recover from her ordeal and that maybe she came back to work too soon. Harley tells Frank she needs to work and besides he is very understaffed since Marina is off the force. Frank tells Harley he is working on getting Marina reinstated and for her not to worry about it. Frank also tells Harley that he is working on getting Cyrus out of Marina’s life because he plans to call immigration. Harley tries to persuade Frank to let Marina live her own life. Harley tells Frank that Cyrus and Marina love each other so if he doesn’t want to lose Marina he should accept the fact that Cyrus is in her life. Frank orders Harley to take the day off so she starts to leave the station but not before she sees Frank make a phone call to immigration.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan gives Alexandra papers from Doris that would drop all the charges against her but in return he wants her to divorce Cyrus. Alexandra tells Alan that she has watched him push away his entire family but she will not allow herself to lose one more person she loves even if her brother asks her to let Cyrus go. Alan reminds Alexandra that Cyrus can’t stand to look at her after what she did to Marina. Alan also reminds her that Cyrus doesn’t love her he loves Marina. Alexandra tells Alan that he has no clue about her relationship with Cyrus and insists that he loves her in his own way. Alexandra tells Alan that Cyrus will return to the house or she will expose their false Marriage to immigration and send him to jail.

(Beacon) Marina brings Cyrus breakfast in bed and he wants to get romantic but she reminds him there is time for that later because he isn’t well enough yet. Harley pounds on the door and tells Marina she has to talk to her and Cyrus right now. Marina doesn’t want to open the door because she isn’t dressed and Harley tells her to get dressed because this is very important. Marina opens the door and tells Marina and Cyrus that Frank called immigration about Cyrus and the agent is on his way there now. The immigration agent arrives and Harley and marina tell him they brought Cyrus there to try and get a confession out of him for his involvement in her kidnapping. Cyrus apologizes to Marina and she tells the agent she is satisfied with his admission of guilt. The agent then calls Alexandra and tells her that he husband is in Marina’s hotel room because the police was interrogating him. Alexandra asks to speak to Cyrus and makes him promise he will come back home tonight or she will tell the agent everything. Cyrus then hands the phone to the agent and Alexandra vouches for her husband. The agent hangs up the phone and tells Cyrus he is safe for now but he will bee keeping a close eye on him.

(Main Street) Natalia takes a walk with Rafe and casually bumps into Father Ray but Rafe figures out t are a set up and refuse to talk to Father Ray. Once Father Ray is gone Rafe blasts his mother for being a hypocrite because years ago she did the same thing with Gus and it was okay but when he does the same thing with Daisy she thinks it’s a sin. Rafe leaves and Alan arrives and holds Natalia who doesn’t know what to do about Rafe anymore.

(Towers) Gus calls Harley and tells her the boys are with him and that they are confused about why he doesn’t live at home anymore. Harley tells Gus she will be there as soon as she can to talk to the boys with him. Zach and Jude think they did something to make Gus mad and that is why he left. Gus tells the boys he will always love them and nothing they could ever do could change that fact. Zach tells Gus that he chose to be with Rafe because Rafe is his real son and he left him and Jude because they are not his real sons. Gus explains that he left because even though he loves Harley she wasn’t happy and he wants her to be happy even though it’s not with him. Gus also tells Zach and Jude that he loves them and Rafe the same way and he didn’t choose one of them over the other.

(Beacon) Once the immigration agent is gone Cyrus thanks Harley for her help and she offers to take him back to the mansion. Cyrus gives Marina a kiss tells he that this is only temporary.

(Towers) Harley arrives and Zach and Jude run to her and give her a hug. Zach tells Harley that Gus showed them a neat trick with spoons and he can come home and show it to her. Harley tells Zach Gus can’t come home and Zach gets annoyed with Harley and tells her he can’t understand why Gus can’t come home. Harley and Gus explain to the boys that he will always be in their lives and they will be able to see them as much as ever he just won’t be living with them anymore. Harley sends the boys to play their video games and then tells Harley he doesn’t want an annulment anymore because he doesn’t want the boys or her to think that what they shared as a family wasn’t the most important thing that ever happened to him.

(Mansion) Alexandra is happy to see Cyrus but he can’t stand the sight of her after what she did to Marina. Alexandra tells Cyrus that if he stays married to her she can fix it so neither of them has to spend time in jail again.

(Police Station) Marina arrives because she wants to hear it straight from Frank that he called immigration on Cyrus. Frank tells her that he did and Marina is very hurt. Marina tells Frank that she and Harley helped Cyrus with Immigration but it was a close call. Frank thinks that immigration will catch up to Cyrus sometime and he will be deported. Frank tells Marina that he got her a job working security at the college until she gets reinstated on the force. Marina asks Frank to stop trying to run her life and allow her to make her own decisions. Frank wonders what Marina will do if Cyrus is deported. Marina admits she hasn’t thought that far ahead but she will probably marry him and go with him wherever he wants to go.

(Main Street) Natalia tells Alan that she hasn’t set a good example for Rafe but she is determined to change her life so she won’t let her son down again. Alan tells Natalia she is a wonderful mother who always puts her son ahead of herself. Alan wants to go to church with Rafe and Natalia. Natalia tells Alan she has got his number and knows he is just trying to impress her but if it will get him to go to church she is all for it. Once Alan leaves Frank asks Natali to ask Alan to testify against Cyrus Foley but Natalia refuses to ask Alan for a favor.

(Towers) Rafe arrives and is very upset and tells Gus and Harley that Natalia thinks that he and Daisy are bad people because the committed a sin. Rafe asks Harley if she thinks Daisy is a bad person because of what they did and Harley says no that she and Daisy are working things out. Gus tries to explain to Rafe that Natalia loves him and she only wanted him to talk to Father Ray because she knows this has been very tough on him, Rafe yells at Gus that if he had been a father to him since the day he was born then none of this would have happened. Rafe leaves Towers more upset and Harley tells Gus that Rafe is in trouble and needs a full time father. Harley tells Gus that if he needs an annulment to try and make things work with Natalia then she will give him the annulment.

(Mansion) Alexandra tells Cyrus he could continue to be a wealthy man and never have to spend a day in jail if he stayed married to her. Cyrus says he doesn’t want her money and he doesn’t care if he has to go to jail. Marina arrives and tells Cyrus to take the deal. Cyrus takes Marina’s suitcase and tells Alexandra they will be living in the third wing of the house. Alexandra refuses to allow this arrangement until Marina reminds her that if she goes to trial for kidnapping her members of the jury tend to sympathize with the victim. Marina also tells Alexandra that Cyrus could divorce her and marry someone he loves someone who is closer to his own age. Alan arrives and tells his sister I told you so but Alexandra is determined to stay married to Cyrus. Natalia makes a counseling appointment and Rafe isn’t happy so he says he is going to his room but Alan arrives and insists that Rafe respect his mother. Natalia leaves them alone to talk and Alan tells Rafe that the only thing that matters is family.

(Towers) Gus and Harley wish each other happiness before they say good-bye and when Harley goes outside she cries as Gus reads the annulment papers inside.

(Main Street) Frank cries as he looks at a picture of Marina, Harley walks with the boys and cries as she gives them a hug. Cyrus and Marina are happy to be together and not hiding anymore. Marina and Cyrus walk slowly as they head to the movies and then they kiss. Harley walks by and smiles because Cyrus and Marina are happy.

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