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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/7/07

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Main Street) Cassie and Josh are talking about taking R.J. and Will skiing and skating when the first snow comes because Cassie knows Will didn’t have snow at the palace. Josh remarks that R.J can teach Will how to ski and skate. R.J isn’t thrilled about the idea but says he will do it. Josh and Cassie run into Rick and Beth who suggest they should have a welcome home party for Will. Cassie loves the idea and starts making phone calls to invite people to the farm tonight. R.J looks sad as he sits on the bench and Josh remembers he promised to take him to a football game tonight. Cassie asks R.J to go to the high school football game another night because she has already invited people to come to the farm. R.J. is not at all happy about this but sees that he has no choice in the matter so he tells his mother it is okay to postpone going to the football game.

(Farm) R.J. makes a welcome home Will sign for the party but Will asks R.J. if he almost wrote Will go away R.J admits that he considered writing that on the sign but he would never hurt his mom that way.

(Police station) Frank gets papers from the State Attorney General, which say that Edmund has been given an unconditional pardon for his crimes. Frank is not happy and gives Edmund his belongings back including his passport and suggests that he leave town because he doesn’t want any of the trouble that seems to follow Edmund like flies.

(Police Station) Edmund tells Frank all he wants is what Cassie seems to have found a new family a new life and a fresh start. Edmund leaves the police station and heads to the farm to visit Will.

(Farm) Cassie is in the barn cleaning up and going over all of Will’s favorite foods out loud to make sure she has everything her son likes in order to make this a great party for him. Blake calls Cassie to ask if she needs her to bring anything for the party. Cassie tells Blake she has everything and she is very happy because she feels like her life is back to normal. Cassie also tells Blake that now all she has to do is finish getting her family back on its feet again. Cassie hangs up the phone with Blake and smiles because she knows its all good. Bill and Lizzie are the first to arrive with a present for Will which is the latest Harry potter book. Blake also arrives with Clarissa who goes to say Hello to Will and R.J. Will soon gets bored and wants to go to the barn. R.J. follows him saying that he isn’t supposed to go out there late at night. Rick and Beth arrive with Jude and James who see Lizzie and give her a hug. Cassie doesn’t see R.J. or Will so Clarissa offers to go look for them.

(Barn) Will wants to play gladiator and R.J doesn’t want to play with him even though Will offers to teach him how to play. Will wonders if R.J wants him to go away and R.J doesn’t say anything at first but Will keeps bothering him until he screams that he wishes Will had stayed in San Cristobel and then leaves the barn. Blake and Beth talk and Blake tells Beth that her kids have been distant with her since she woke up from her coma. Beth tells her that they had to take care of themselves for a long time and the boys and Clarissa just need time to adjust to having her around again. Blake hopes that in time Kevin Jason and Clarissa will know that she isn’t going away and that all she cares about is keeping them safe. Beth assures Blake that Kevin and Jason are good boys and a lot like their father. Blake tells Beth that all Clarissa cares about right now are boys and she worries that she will turn out to be just like she was when she was younger. Blake and Beth both wonder if their lives would have been different if they had grown up with fathers who protected them. Beth thinks that is the reason they both fell in love with Philip because he always made them feel safe. Billy tells Josh that he is happy for him that he has a new family and is raising kids again. Josh wonders about Mindy and Bill and Billy tells him that Mindy is fine but Bill probably doesn’t want to talk to him because he fired him from Lewis construction due to his responsibility in the building collapse. Josh suggests that Billy should go down to Venezuela and talk to Bill but Billy gets annoyed and tells Josh to handle his flock and he will handle the company. Billy apologizes for snapping at Josh but he has just been having a rough time. Billy advises Josh to spend as much time as he can with R.J. and Will because they grow up very fast. Beth, Blake and Cassie talk about Edmund and how scared they are that he will hurt them again. Cassie points out that Edmund is in jail and can’t hurt them. Beth wonders why Cassie allowed Edmund back in her life and Cassie tells Beth she did it to make Will happy. Beth wishes that she was still in the Spaulding mansion but makes it clear that she loves Rick. Blake tells Beth she understands her feelings she wants a wolf to answer the door in case Edmund comes knocking.

(Farm) Jeffrey arrives with a present for Will since Reva is still visiting Hawk. Josh and Jeffrey throw Edmund out making it clear that he isn’t welcome at the party. R.J arrives back inside the house with Clarissa but without Will. Cassie asks her son where Will is and he says he doesn’t know so Cassie goes upstairs to check his room. Cassie panics and asks Edmund and everyone at the party to look for Will. Lizzie finds Will in the barn locked in a little shed screaming for help. Edmund arrives with an ax to break the rusty lock on the door. Edmund explains that Will is afraid of being locked inside small places. Cassie gives Will a hug and then Josh asks him how he got locked into the little shed. Will tells him R.J locked him in there because he wants him to go away. Cassie tells Lizzie and Billy to take Will back inside the house. Josh tells Cassie they must talk to the boys before this problem between them gets any worse.

(Barn) Jeffrey tells Edmund what he did was very heroic but he had better leave town or he will find a not so legal way to get rid of him. Josh asks R.J to take a walk with him and Josh asks R.J to apologize to Will for locking him in the little shed. R.J. tells Josh he didn’t do it and pleads with him to believe him but Josh doesn’t believe R.J. Josh thanks Edmund but asks him to leave now but Will asks Cassie if Edmund can stay so she allows Edmund to stay to please her son.

(Farm) Josh thanks Edmund for helping Will and asks the party guests to welcome him until he leaves town. Edmund offers his sympathies to Lizzie about Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie tells Edmund not to hurt Cassie again or Billy will find a way to make him disappear. Rick also warns Edmund to stay away from Beth. Jeffrey gets a phone call informing him about Edmund’s pardon and tells Josh and Cassie that Edmund has his passport and he can go anywhere he wants to go. Jeffrey also tells them there is nothing they can do to stop Edmund legally. Will asks Josh and Cassie if Edmund can spend the night. Edmund tells Cassie and Josh that he has decided to stay at the Beacon for a while to help Will make the transition from the palace to the farm. Jeffrey escorts Edmund to the Beacon and warns him that if he hurts Cassie or any member of her family he will kill him. Edmund tells Jeffrey that if he kills him he Will hurt Will worse because he is the only friend that Will has and Will loves him very much.

(Farm) Josh and Cassie send R.J to his room when he refuses to apologize to Will. Cassie and Josh also send Will to his room because it is time for Bed. Will sneaks out to the barn looking for his sweater, which he has hidden there. Edmund is there and figures out that Will locked himself in the little shed in order to blame R.J. Will admits that he doesn’t like that his mom loves R.J now and he wants her to only love him. Edmund tells the little boy he understands and he won’t say anything because he also wants Cassie to only love him.

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