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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/6/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Buzz and Doris await the first numbers from the polls. Buzz doesn’t care anymore about the election. With Harley and marina’s disappearances he sees what is really important. Doris is flouncing around town making trouble and trying to drum up last minute votes. Doris runs into Buzz who is waiting to see Rick. Buzz wants to get his heart checked out. They have another nice talk about their kids and the importance of protecting them. Doris has ulterior motives though. She asks Buzz to help her drive coop and Ashlee apart. A true romantic and an honest dislike of Doris forces Buzz to turn down her invitation to hurt Coop and Ashlee.

Buzz gets a perfect bill of health. After talking to Rick about his personal, family, and professional life Buzz is energized and inspired. He is ready go out and win the election.

While Buzz is at the hospital Coop and Ashlee have the work of Doris to contend with while trying to salvage their relationship. They argue like highschoolers only to be interrupted by a health inspector. Someone has lodged a complaint and he is going to shut CO2 down. Coop and Ashlee continue to keep their faltering relationship on the front burner while the health inspector checks around. Good news comes on both accounts. CO2 gets a 99% rating and Coop manages to convince Ashlee it is really her that he loves and wants to be with. Ashlee kisses Coop to show him that she too wants a relationship with him. She wants him to be her boyfriend. The joy of love doesn’t last long. Ashlee sees Doris spying on her and shaking her head in disapproval. Coop invites Ashlee to dinner but she turns him down for now in order to get Doris in line.

Ashlee drags Doris back to her room. Ashlee knows Doris was the person who complained to the health department and that Doris is trying to sabotage her relationship with coop. Ashlee tries to make a stand in her and the Coopers’ defense but Doris is too determined to destroy their family and her daughter’s happiness.

Cassie and Josh start their day trying to help Will adjust. Jeffrey stops by with grim news, or at least he thinks it isn’t good. Edmund is in Springfield. The monarchy died with Alonso and Edmund was freed. Edmund was considered a prisoner of the crown not the state. He is however being returned to Springfield to face charges for the crimes he committed there. Josh grows concerned but Cassie is relieved a bit. Cassie truly believes Edmund is the key to helping Will’s adjustment and she will do anything to help her son.

Josh and Jeffrey agree on one thing, Cassie and Will should stay far away from Edmund. Cassie refuses to listen to reason and takes Will to the police station.

The visit is a success. Cassie sees a different side of Edmund and Will is happy. Edmund talks to Will about trying to make his new life a good and happy life. Will listens. Cassie returns home with Will who is happy and anxious to get on with his young little life.

Jeffrey and josh agree Josh will never like or trust Jeffrey when it comes to Cassie, Will, and Edmund. Jeffrey takes it upon himself to become cassia’s guardian protector as log as Edmund poses a danger.

Jeffrey visits Edmund at the jail with a warning. If he does anything to harm or hurt Cassíe Jeffrey will physically hold Edmund accountable.

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