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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/5/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Today was a day of recovery in Springfield. Dinah adjusts to being out of the hospital while Lizzie has her plate full. Lizzie now has Dinah pushed on her, while staying busy helping Billy in business and his personal life, locating Little Bill. Dinah is ordering huge expensive room service on Lizzie’s tab. Dinah is hyper and there isn’t much logic to her behavior. As if that weren’t enough Beth tells Lizzie that Phillip may be back. Billy promises Beth who is gravely concerned for Lizzie that he will protect Lizzie as if she were his own daughter. Beth doesn’t feel very assured. Beth asks Lizzie to move in. Lizzie can’t begin to entertain the idea of living with Rick and Beth. She just doesn’t fit in anywhere, except with Billy she explains. This hurts Beth. Lizzie promises she will call Beth if she hears from Phillip, but as far as Lizzie is concerned Phillip is dead to her.

Lizzie decides to retreat to her room but finds there isn’t any privacy to be had with Dinah taking over. The women and distant relatives talk about their dysfunctional families and decide they do have a pretty strong bond after all. Lizzie is resistant to the idea of being friends and especially roommates with Dinah, she enjoys her new found independence too much. There really isn’t any good reason for Lizzie but she does know what it is like to be completely alone in the world and isolated from your family. They vow to be best friends for life and roommates. The girls settle in to their new arrangement as if they were throwing a slumber party.

Cassie and Josh try to help the two boys adjust to all of the changes in both of their lives. Neither RJ or Will likes the other. It’s going to be rough road ahead for the family. RJ is cold and jealous of Will’s sudden attention, he will not do anything to help Will out. Will is sad and feels alone even though he is living in a family unit. Cassie promises will she will do whatever it takes to make him feel at home and happy. Will asks to see his best friend, Uncle Edmund. Cassie isn’t sure how to handle the request but feels she should give into her son’s wishes.

Josh decides possibly to make things smoother he will adopt both boys. Will doesn’t really seem to care either way all he wants is to see Edmund. Josh puts his foot down, absolutely not. They will have to find another way to make Will happy. Cassie goes behind Josh’s back to ask Jeffrey about Edmund’s legal status.

After seeing Josh and Cassie embracing and obviously in love Will decides to try and fit into the family fold.

Marina prepares to bring Cyrus home and begin their life together. Alex makes it clear she will do whatever she has to, to prevent Cyrus and Marina from being together. Marina threatens to turn Alex in for having her kidnapped while Alex counters the threat by promising to have Cyrus deported. Alexandra is determined to hold on to Cyrus by any means she has to. Marina can’t believe she is so desperate to keep someone who hates her guts. Alexandra tries to make marina feel insecure but marina has never been more sure about her and Cyrus’ love.

While Cyrus waits on marina his bond with Harley isn’t cut. Harley turns to Cyrus, feeling there isn’t another adult she can talk to. Cyrus understands her pain and confusion, he is dealing with some of it himself. Harley is having a hard time coping with the accident and events surrounding Marina’s disappearance as well as her personal life completely falling apart. First her rocky marriage that is over for good then Daisy’s pregnancy and abortion. Cyrus knows first hand after being trapped with Harley the suffering she is experiencing. Harley seems to be trapped in a daze that does not allow her to act hysterically to every little thing as she typically does.

Marina takes Cyrus home where they make love. Harley goes to Daisy’s room and asks her to move back home. Daisy tells Harley before she finds out otherwise that she has been skipping school. With all that has been happening in her family and personally Daisy just couldn’t deal with school right now but she feels she is improving. Harley doesn’t yell or say anything negative, she simply hugs Daisy and tells her she is just glad to be there with her now. They need each other right now. Daisy agrees and is glad that Harley needs and wants her as a friend and as a daughter. She packs and goes home with Harley.

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