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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/2/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Olivia becomes worried as she watches Emma enjoy her jewelry box from Phillip. Emma is so excited and tells Olivia just how much she loves her father and mother. Olivia decides to check in with Alan who assures her he will protect her and Emma if Phillip were to reappear in town. All Alan wants in return is for Olivia to keep Gus occupied and far away from Natalia. Alan has plans for Natalia this evening and fears Gus may intervene. Olivia agrees and calls Gus to come check out her security system still worried Phillip is lurking somewhere out there.

Gus agrees after his long afternoon of running to Harley’s side and her finding the annulment papers. Gus didn’t intend on discussing the end of their marriage but the papers are something she cannot ignore. Harley is quiet and calm, but hurt. Gus tries to make excuses but Harley can’t get past the fact that Gus wants to pretend their marriage never existed. Gus tried to explain what they had was sacred to him but Harley can’t get past the paperwork that says otherwise.

Harley finds she is completely alone with no one to talk to accept Cyrus and turns to him for friendship. Gus talks to Olivia who is sipping wine about how he feels concerning losing Harley. Gus doesn’t want to end his marriage or lose Harley. Olivia sees Gus’ devotion and love for Harley.

Natalia waits all dressed up for Gus to return but he never does so she decides to take Alan up on dinner.

Daisy is so glad to have her mom home safe and sound but the teen is still struggling with her own problems. After welcoming Harley home Daisy returns to her room at the Beacon where she is soon visited by Rafe. Rafe is still angry at her and the world but concerned about her not being in school. Rafe takes his frustrations out on Daisy but to his surprise she doesn’t fold under the accusations and insults she stands up for herself and her decision. Daisy even points out to some degree Rafe is glad the decision was made for him and he didn’t have to give up a good life to be a father. Daisy really has a breakdown of reality and makes Rafe see he isn’t the only one affected by the pregnancy and abortion. Daisy kicks Rafe out who finds himself speechless.

Cyrus wakes up and learns that Marina has been suspended from the job she loves so very much all because of him and her family is at odds. When Marina checks in with nurses Cyrus makes an escape from the hospital, disappointing Marina who has suffered and waited too long to be with her Aussie man. Cyrus makes his way in pain to the police station where he tells frank he is leaving town for Marina. Frank doesn’t buy Cyrus’ story but Cyrus explains he has cost Marina too much he can’t continue to hurt her.

Cyrus goes to the Spaulding mansion where he is caught by Marina. Cyrus breaks down and admits why he feels he must leave town. Marina can’t lose him , she tells the fugitive. Together they can take on the world and she fully intends on that being the case but she needs him. Cyrus agrees to stay and try making a life with Marina in Springfield.

Marina gets Cyrus back to the hospital which is much needed. Cyrus drifts off to sleep safe, happy, in love, and at peace.

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