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Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/1/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Olivia is greatly concerned for her safety and Emma’s after receiving a gift for Emma from Phillip. She calls Alan whom she made a deal with. Alan promises her protection if she helps keep Gus and Natalia at a distance. Olivia lures Gus over to her room claiming Phillip had been there. Olivia prints off a photo from her laptop and passes it off as a photo Phillip left. Gus gets to work and promises her he is going to help get to the bottom of the issue soon.

With Gus out of the house Alan begins to make his move, starting with casting doubt in Natalia’s mind about Gus and his commitment to her. It seems to work when Natalia agrees to spend the afternoon with Alan, but Gus returns home just before they can leave. Gus has something urgent he needs to discuss with Natalia.

Gus has realized his marriage is over so he is going to ask Harley for an annulment rather than a divorce. Gus and Natalia discuss it briefly but not to, too much extent. Natalia isn’t as sure as Gus seems to be that he doesn’t still want to be with Harley. Her point is proven when Gus gets a call from Buzz letting him know that Harley has been found and she is in the hospital. Gus rushes right over to Cedars but takes the annulment papers with him.

Marina is finished with Alexandra and her many lies. Marina can’t just sit around and do nothing to find the love of her life and her aunt. Marina decides to set Alex up and she is going to use Buzz to do it. Outside of Alexandra’s room at the hospital Buzz gets on the payphone faking a call to Frank. Buzz pretends to be excited that Harley has been found. Alex calls for Buzz and begins firing questions at him until she reveals she does know more than she has been telling. Marina storms in calling Alex a lying bitch. Marina demands to know where Cyrus and Harley are or she is going to do bodily harm to Alexandra. Alex sees the gig is up. She tells Mallet where Cyrus and Harley are according to Griggs.

Mallet and Marina rush to the demolished church just in time. Harley barely has the strength to call out for help. Cyrus is unconscious and it is believed that he has internal bleeding. Harley is okay physically but she is in shock. Harley whispers encoring words to Cyrus as he lies unconscious awaiting surgery. Marina is hysterical desperate for any kind of information on Cyrus’ condition. All they can do at this point is wait.

Coop finally gets the chance to confront Ashlee about why she blew him off the other day and has been avoiding his calls, emails, and texts the last couple of days. Ashlee avoids the questions at first but admits she saw him kissing Ava. Coop turns the whole thing around on Ashlee for not showing up. Ashlee on the verge of tears tells Coop why she was late. Coop feels horrible but the damage has been done. Ashlee runs away in tears.

Ashlee lies on her bed alone in her room weeping. Doris happens by and hears her daughters cries. Doris lets herself in to get to the bottom of what is hurting Ashlee. Reluctant Ashlee reveals what she saw and how she doesn’t trust Coop and Ava. Doris vows to finally get Coop Cooper and his family. Ashlee knows what that means for her boyfriend and friends. She begs Doris not to but Doris is hellbent.

Coop is frustrated Ashlee has run away again and is slamming dishes around as he picks up. Ava stops by to offer her friendship and support just as she did the other day. Coop is grateful but tells Ava it is Ashlee he wants to be with. Coop gets the call about Harley being rescued and needs to get to the hospital. Ava offers to cover at CO2 for him so he can be with his family.

As Ava watches over the sidewalk coffee café Olivia visits. Ava tells Olivia how vindictive Doris is and how Ava is using Doris as her puppet to get what she wants. Ashlee away from Coop.

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