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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/31/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Happy Halloween! Guiding Light decided to follow through with a spooky theme for today’s show as well.

Many Springfield residents found themselves on a spooky island that houses an insane asylum. Edmund and Dinah have managed to become residents in recent times. Against their will of course. Both are free and roaming the halls, as guests begin to arrive. The lights go out and folks find them selves lost and in the company of others they didn’t expect to see.

Josh and Jeffrey who have accompanied Cassie get separated from her. Cassie wonders around trying to find her way back to Josh and Jeffrey only becoming more lost in the dark. To some relief red lights illuminate the hallways. Cassie calls out for her husband and lawyer but get no answer. Josh and Jeffrey become concerned when Cassie doesn’t return from the restroom and the lights are out. They search for her.

Cassie wonders deeper and deeper into the bowels of the clinic.

After bumping into Dinah and trying to enlist her help with convincing Cassie he is a changed man, Edmund sits in his cell thinking. His thoughts are interrupted by a crazy man who has it out for the royal family. Edmund dismisses the insane ranting that seems to be a regular daily occurrence. When the lights go out due to a power failure Edmund is free from his cell. Edmund has a good laugh at the clinic for having faulty electricity and electric locks on the cell doors. Edmund exits his room in search of Cassie.

Cassie screams when she comes face to face with the man who once tried to kill her. Edmund calms her and tries to reason and make her not afraid of him. Cassie puts up a brave front but she is scared. Out of the shadows runs Will. Cassie is startled to learn that Will has been visiting Edmund on a regular basis.

Alonso also makes his way to the same eerie dungeon like hallway that his brother, son, and Cassie stand in. Alonso is firm as he tells Cassíe that Will is not going anywhere but home to the palace. As they argue an announcement is made that the power issue has been resolved. The entire institution will go completely black for a few seconds before normal power is restored.

In the darkness sparks fly and Alonso screams out in pain. He’s been electrocuted. Cassie rushes will out of the room and to safety while Edmund attends to Alonso’s unconscious body. Josh and Jeffrey find Edmund and Alonso but it is too late. Alonso is dead. Josh and Jeffrey immediately accuse Edmund of murder. Edmund screams out his innocence as a guard is dragging him away.

As Cassíe and will flee the dungeon us hallways they are met by the looney patient that is angry with the Royal family. He recognizes Cassie as the former princess. He believes she is just as evil as Edmund is and Alonso WAS. Was? Cassie asks. The crazed man is out of control and moves towards Cassíe and Will hoping to exact revenge for being placed in the hospital by the Royal family.

Out of the blue the patient is tackled. A fight ensues. It’s Edmund, he has saved Cassíe and Will’s life.

Elsewhere through the blackout Lizzie wonders around aimlessly lost. She is in search of the exit. Also on the premises is Mallet and Marina. Lizzie seems to be in stone tunnels. Mallet and Marina are in a stairwell when the lights go out. They decide to sit out the power outage rather than get lost. AC and Marina discuss how much they love the people in their lives that they are separated from right now. Mallet feels he can change that and goes off in search of Dinah.

Dinah is up to no good until she runs into Mallet. She thinks he is kidding when he suggests stepping outside for some fresh air. Mallet and Dinah wait out the blackout by drinking and eating food from the kitchen. Dinah remembers a romantic get away. She feels normal and good for once in a long time. Dinah asks Mallet to get her away from the clinic but he feels like he can’t Dinah grows angry with him and walks away.

Marina who is alone now hears foot steps. She investigates and tackles the person lurking about in the shadows. It’s Lizzie. Once they identify each other Lizzie goes on her way. Marina and Mallet meet up. It’s obvious Cyrus and Harley haven’t been there so they leave. The guard asks Marina “what are you doing back?” Marina is confused. When Mallet realizes Marina doesn’t have her jacket with the visitor’s pass on it they assume Dinah has broke out.

Mallet and Marina assume correctly. After being tackled by Marina, Lizzie swipes her jacket and gives it to Dinah. Together they make a break for freedom. Dinah doesn’t care how Lizzie did it she is just glad that she is free.

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