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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/30/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Mallet and Marina are suspicious of Alexandra’s behavior and what she really knows of Harley and Cyrus’ whereabouts. Marina is suspended from the force but works alongside Mallet. Alexandra is acting nervous and peculiar as she makes phone calls and wonders about. At home Alexandra is frustrated as she searches her desk for her passport. Once she finds it Alex is ready to make a speedy exit out of town but Mallet arrives just in time.

Mallet tries to remain calm and friendly with Alex who is evasive and claiming she knows nothing more than they do. Round and round they go over the facts that both are aware of. Marina can’t take it anymore and enters accusing Alex of knowing more than she is telling and threatening prison. Alex tells them Cyrus is on the run. She thinks he is going to the islands to get Dinah. Mallet and Marina decide they have to follow every lead and they must go check out Alex’s theory.

At Marina’s room frank is waiting ready to shower his daughter with affection and attention. Marina wants frank to leave so she can go with Mallet to the island to check on Dinah and see if Cyrus has made contact with her. Frank stalls them but finally she gets rid of him. The delay didn’t help their urgency so Marina doesn’t take time to pack.

Harley and Cyrus lie under the rubble barely able to speak. They are weak, scared and in a lot of pain but they keep talking to each other for comfort. No one but Griggs knows where they are and he is in a coma. Harley and Cyrus believe if Griggs made it out of the collapse that he won’t tell anyone where they are. They both try to stay hopeful that someone will come looking for them but they each are realist. Cyrus and Harley offer each other the support they need to get them by as long as they possibly can. Cyrus is having trouble staying awake due to a head injury. Cyrus holds Harley and eventually their comfort turns into a kiss.

Josh and Cassie don’t receive good news from Jeffrey about their custody case to get Will back. Alonso intends to fight and play dirty. Cassie figured as much and has spoken to Edmund about giving a deposition. That’s another bit of bad news, Edmund is going to testify for Alonso. Also they are ordered to meet face to face with Edmund at the mental hospital he has been transferred to. Little does anyone know Edmund is out free and meeting secretly with Will.

Cassie and Josh still want to pursue custody of Will and are willing to do what ever it takes. Will is anxious to please his beloved uncle and only friend so he baits Cassie along on the phone just as Edmund has coached. Once Edmund is happy with Will’s latest conversation with Cassie he returns to the mental hospital.

Dinah can’t stand being locked up especially after she is visited by Matt and Vanessa. Dinah assumes Matt has come to free her but grows angry when Vanessa walks in. Dinah lashes out, accusing Vanessa of being out to get her now and always. Matt defends Vanessa which only angers Dinah even more. An orderly comes in to check on the visit and Dinah screams for him to get them out of her room. Both had hoped Dinah was on the road to recovering but her anger is only hindering any progress she could be making. Dinah is furious and hurt that Matt and Vanessa are back together and Vanessa believes Dinah “lost” Mallet. The reminder of her beloved mallet is too much for Dinah. After Matt and Vanessa leave Dinah starts a fire in a waste basket. The orderly busts into the room to put out the fire Dinah slips out the door. As Dinah is running for her freedom she bumps into Edmund who is roaming the halls freely. Dinah is frightened and stunned.

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