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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/29/07

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Police Station) Mallet arrives and tells Marina he tried to persuade Doris to change her mind, but she refused tand gave her the badge back. Marina assures Mallet she is fine and maybe this is for the best. Frank arrives and tells Marina he couldn’t persuade Doris to change her mind either, but he intends to have every cop on the force write a letter for her to get her job back. Marina assures Frank she is fine, but he has been trying to contact Harley to help him start the letter-writing campaign. When Frank wonders why Harley hasnít been answering her phone, Mallet and Marina tell him that Harley has been looking for Cyrus as a favor to her. Frank is annoyed that Marina and Mallet didn’t inform him of the news sooner, so he could push the panic button. Frank gets every available man on Harley’s trail. Even though Marina wants to help, Frank has to do this by the book, so he puts her to work answering phones and gathering leads.

(Old St. Michael’s Church building) Cyrus takes Harley’s mind off the upcoming explosion by playing several games of rock, paper, scissors with her. Harley asks for God to please take care of her children as she continues to play the game with Cyrus. After the explosion blast, we see Emma’s seventh birthday party at the Beacon.

(Beacon) As she and Olivia wait for the guests to arrive, Ava is excited that Coop might come and tells Olivia that she and Coop almost slept together the day Ashley stood him up. Rick and Beth are the first guests to arrive with James who goes off to play with Emma. When the doorman comes with a present for Emma, Olivia can’t stand the curiosity anymore and opens the note only to be stunned to discover the present is from Philip.

(Mansion) Alan is hurt that he had to find out Natalia was considering moving out of the house from his servants. Natalia tells Alan she didn’t know how to explain to him that she doesn’t feel it's right to be living under the same roof with Gus since he is still married. Natalia makes it clear she wants to set a good example for her son so that he will try not to make mistakes. Alan understands and offers to let her Natalia and Rafe stay in the guesthouse so that she can still be part of the family. Alan points out that his room is right above the guesthouse if she or Rafe should ever need anything. Gus arrives and tells Natalia he is having her things moved to the poolhouse so she can still be nearby and he points out that his room is right above the pool house should she or Rafe ever need anything. Natalia points out that it's amazing THAT HE AND Alan had the same idea but at different locations on the property. Natalia thanks Alan for his offer of the guesthouse but wants to stay in the poolhouse.

(Hospital) When Gus drops off some wanted posters from the station, a nurse named Ann tells him that she is sorry he broke up with Harley, but Gus feels she sounds too happy about the news. A minute or so after Gus leaves, Griggs arrives and passes out in front of nurse Ann.

(Beacon) Looking at the card, Bell recognizes Philip’s handwriting. Emma overhears about the present from her daddy and wants to open it. Olivia asks Ava to help her, and Emma is happy with her beautiful jewelry box. Rick notices there is no return address on the box and Olivia becomes very scared that Philip may come after all their children again.

(Hospital) Alexandra arrives for a board meting, but the nurse is unable to help her and rushes the doctor inside to look at Griggs.

(Beacon) As Olivia, Rick and Beth go into the hallway to talk, Beth decides to go be with the children. Olivia is suspicious that Rick knows more the he is telling her just like the last time. Rick assures her he hasn’t talked to Philip in over a year and he is just as worried about this as she is, so he will make sure he is ready for Philip this time. Alan arrives and Rick and Olivia tell him about Philip’s present. Alan insists he hasn’t heard anything about Philip and is a little annoyed that Rick and Olivia think he has anything to do with Philip or the present. Alan goes inside to give Emma a hug and a present.

(Police Station) Marina is clearing off her desk to take calls and follow leads when she comes across a report that someone turned themselves in at the hospital. When she reads the description to Mallet, they both know it's Griggs so they go to the hospital.

(Hospital) The doctor examines Griggs and calls for a consult, because he may have internal injuries. Once the doctor is gone Alexandra walks into the room and Griggs tells her that he was keeping Cyrus and Harley in the Old St Michael’s Church building but it was set to be demolished today so they are both dead because there is no way anyone could have made it out of there alive.

(St. Michael’s Church) Gus and Natalia arrive because she wants to say good-bye to the church although she has only been going there a few months. Natalia thinks that when they tear down a church, it's like a death in the family. Natalia hopes that the workman were thorough and there wasn’t anybody in the building when it was demolished. Gus gets a call from Frank telling him that he hasn’t heard from Harley in a while, and if she calls him, to let him know. Gus and Natalia leave the church after he hangs up the phone.

(Hospital) Marina and Mallet see Alexandra crying outside Griggs' door. She says she had a board meeting but doesn’t tell them anything about Griggs being in the room or about Cyrus and Harley being gone. Marina is sure that Alexandra knows something but won’t tell her anything.

(Beacon) Gus and Natalia arrive and Gus is told about Philip’s present. Gus tells Olivia he will be on alert and this time he will be ready for Philip’s return. Natalia is upset that Olivia and Rick are accusing Alan of a conspiracy without any proof. Olivia pulls Alan aside and asks for his protection if Philip returns to Springfield. Alan promises to protect her but she has to become a wedge between Gus and Natalia. Olivia thinks that Alan should give Gus and Natalia a chance to be happy. Alan tells Olivia he gave them a chance but Gus couldn’t make up his mind between Harley and Natalia. Olivia agrees and Alan wants her to start tonight by asking Gus to protect her from Philip.

(Beacon) Since Rick worries that things will change between him and Beth if Philip returns to Springfield, Beth assures him they will remain the same. Rick also worries about how Philip will react when he finds out that he and Beth are married. Emma says good-bye to Gus and Natalia as they leave the party. Natalia tells Gus it's okay if he wants to call the station and check for news from Harley. Natalia tells Gus she isn’t sure where their relationship is going but she had fun today.

(Hospital) Marina goes into Griggs' room and asks the doctor to wake him up but he says the patient has slipped into a coma. Marina walks outside and sits down to cry because she blames herself for Harley’s disappearance and doesn’t know how she will explain it to Harley’s kids. Mallet holds her as she cries and tells her it's not her fault.

(Beacon) Beth hopes that if Philip does return, he will pay for his crimes. Rick points out that Philip may not go to prison because he has money. Alan asks Ava to go to a jewelry store and buy him an old antique cross that looks like it's been used a lot. Olivia runs into Gus and tells him that she is scared and needs his protection. Olivia looks so scared that she gets Gus to hold her and promise he will protect her from Philip.

(Mansion) Alan asks Natalia if she is all settled in at the pool house then gives her the cross, which he tells her belonged to Gus’s mother.

(St Michael’s Church) Alexandra looks at the rubble inside the building and cries as she puts a rose down but leaves without noticing there is someone moving not too far away from where she was standing.

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