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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/26/07

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Institution) Lizzie wonders what time it is in Venezuela and Billy tells her she doesnít have to try and contact him because he got two text messages from him and he knows that he was fired.  Billy explains to Lizzie that he thinks Bill was relieved because now he can just have fun again.  Lizzie wonders how Billy is feeling and Billy knows she wants to know if he had a drink on the plane. Billy avoids the question and asks Lizzie to get the visit to Dinah over with because he wants to supervise the demolition of the old church since itís the first one since the construction accident and he wants everything to go smoothly.  Dinah wonders if Billy and Lizzie were the ones who sent her the note that said they would help her get out of there. Billy tells her that he and Lizzie are there because Vanessa asked them to check on her.

Cassie and Josh talk to Alonzo in San Cristobel to try and persuade him to let Will come home to them.  Cassie tells Alonzo that Will is alone most of the time now and that isnít good for him.  Cassie explains that the politics of San Cristobel is changing now and it doesnít look like Will is going to be king so he should let him come home.  Josh gets on the phone and tells Alonzo that Will is unhappy and he should let him be with his mother but before he even finishes the sentence, Alonzo hangs up the phone.  Cassie thinks that if they want Will back, they are going to have to fight dirty but Josh wants to save the dirty tactics as a last resort.

(Cedars Hospital) Mallet once again catches Marina trying to leave the hospital to find Cyrus.  Marina tells Mallet she has been released, and she must leave to go look for Cyrus.  Someone arrives to serve Marina with a subpoena to go to an Internal Affairs hearing today to defend herself against charges of scamming a charity.  Marina wants to skip the hearing, but Mallet promises her he will get her in and out of Dorisís office fast because he is the union representative.

(Old Church) Harley tells Cyrus they are going to take the bar they found and hit at the chain until it breaks.  Cyrus reminds her they already tried that and it didnít work. Harley tells Cyrus he should have some faith because they are in a church and they will get out.  Harley tells Cyrus she hates him for putting her in this situation because Griggs was the only way for them to get out and he had to push him into that hole.  Harley wonders if Cyrus persuaded Marina to meet him on that boat by pretending like something is no big deal and not telling her he had no idea what he was doing.  Harley tells Cyrus that Marina was so desperate to save him that she sent her after him and she canít understand how she sent her kids away for him when Daisy needed her most. Cyrus reminds her that she didnít do all this for his sake she did it for Marina.  Harley and Cyrus argue for a few minutes mostly because their plan isnít working and they are frustrated and scared. 

(Court House) Marina, Mallet, and Frank arrive in Dorisí office at the police station, and she introduces them to the Internal Affairs investigator. Doris tells Marina that she is being accused of helping Cyrus Foley steal money from a charity.  Doris thinks Marina knew about Cyrusís plan and yet neglected to alert the police so they could arrest him. Marina tells Doris that she was investigating Cyrus on her own time, and since he hadnít committed a crime, she saw no reason to alert the police.  Marina tells Doris that when she found out about the crime she made Cyrus promise to give back the money and then they were going to leave town.  Doris informs Marina that Cyrus didnít give back the money so that makes her guilty of helping him steal it. Marina is stripped of her badge and rank pending further investigation. 

(Institution) Billy goes to check out the church demolition while Lizzie stays at the hospital to keep Dinah company.  Lizzie tells Dinah that when she was younger she stayed in an institution that was a lot worse than that one. Dinah tells Lizzie she hates it there and she wishes her brother Bill was there to help get her out.  Dinah tells Lizzie that Bill hid her for many years when she was on the run from the police.  Dinah also tells Lizzie that Bill is a nice guy who doesnít often break the rules but when he does break them it is for the right reasons.  Lizzie tells Dinah she has Billís phone number because she got it out of Billyís phone when he wasnít looking. Dinah asks Lizzie to tell Bill she is in trouble so that he can come help her.

Josh and Cassie make a list of people who can be character witnesses for her and help her get Will back.  Josh and Cassie donít want to do it but they both agree that Edmund would be the best person that could help get Will back home with them.  Josh calls Edmund and explains the situation and he agrees to help only if he can talk to Cassie.  At CO2 Beth asks Cassie about what she said to her about Alan being the father of her baby.  Cassie manages to convince Beth that she still blames Alan for Tammyís death and since she was dreaming about Alan trying to take her children away she got confused.  Josh tells Cassie that Edmund would only agree to help if she talked to him.  Beth advises Josh and Cassie not to let Edmund back in their lives.  Cassie tells Beth she knows they are opening a can of worms but she wants Will to come back home.  Cassie calls Edmund who gives her his sympathy about Tammy and tells her she did the right thing putting him in jail.  Edmund agrees to help Cassie get Will back home.  Lizzie calls Billís phone and leaves a message saying Dinah is in trouble and needs his help. 

(Old Church) Harley and Cyrus are still trying to get out but it is no use. They hear the construction guys outside and they yell and scream, but nobody hears them.  Billy wants the guys to make one last check of the building but they canít because the building is too unstable.  Cyrus and Harley talk and play rock, paper, scissors for her house to try and distract themselves then the building explodes.

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