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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Mental Hospital) Mallet arrives to visit Dinah and he talks to the doctor in the hallway and the doctor tells him that Dinah has been refusing all treatment.  Mallet wonders if Dinah will ever forgive him for allowing her to be put in the mental hospital.  The doctor tells Mallet Dinah will forgive him if she gets better.  The doctor advises Mallet that he should take a helmet with him before going in to see Dinah.  Mallet goes in and Dinah is all smiles and gives Mallet a hug as he enters the room.  Mallet wonders how Dinah is feeling and she tells him she is feeling better since he came to visit her and gives him a kiss. 

(Cedars  Hospital) Daisy arrives to visit Marina and allows her to borrow her MP3 player while she is in the hospital so she wonít get bored.  Daisy tells marina she made her a play list designed to cheer her up.  Marina notices that Daisy is a bit nervous and wonders what is wrong.  Daisy tells her its nothing and besides she has her own problems right now.  Marina asks Daisy if she has heard from Harley and Daisy tells her Harley has been very busy on a case and hasnít had time to talk to her.  Marina tells Daisy to ask Harley to come by the hospital if she hears from her.  Daisy tells Marina she will give Harley the message and then she rushes out the door.  Marina turns on the music to take her mind off things but she soon has to turn the music off when Alexandra arrives for a visit.    Alexandra wonders if Marina is playing music because she is celebrating that she found Cyrus. 

(St Michaelís Church abandoned building)  Harley awakens and Cyrus gives her a cup of rainwater he collected in a cup that he made.  Harley asks Cyrus if he wants some water and he sys he will wait for the next rainstorm.  Harley wonders if Griggs has returned and Cyrus knows he will return soon because he can smell him.  A few minutes later Griggs returns because Cyrus is still valuable to him.  Cyrus tells Griggs that he will give him the next Spaulding account number and password if he allows Harley to leave but Griggs refuses to let Harley go since Cyrus is in no position to be making deals.  Cyrus gives Griggs the next account number and password and once he is gone Cyrus tells Harley he agreed to give Griggs the account numbers and passwords to the Spaulding accounts one at a time so that Griggs wouldnít kill him.  Harley is impressed that Cyrus memorized all of the Spaulding account numbers.  Harley is also happy because as long as Cyrus keeps giving Griggs numbers it buys them time to find a way to escape.  Cyrus tells Harley that he only had time to memorize two accounts and he has already given Griggs the numbers so when he gives Griggs the third account number which will be fake then Griggs will come back and kill them.  Harley thinks its best to find a way to escape quickly before Griggs comes back.  Cyrus and Harley think for a few minutes and decide the best thing to do is for Harley to use Cyrus shoulders to climb toward the only window and yell for help hoping that someone will hear them.  The only problem is that when they do that Harley yells help once loses her balance and lands on her hand, which she used to break the fall. Cyrus sees that Harley can move her hand so he thinks it is only a bad sprain.

(Hospital) Alexandra brings Marina flowers and Marina accepts the flowers and tells her there isnít any news about Cyrus so she wonders why Alexandra hasnít left the room yet.  Alexandra tells Marina she just wanted to make sure she was okay.  Marina confronts Alexandra and tells her she knows that she paid Griggs the money to kidnap her.  Alexandra denies the accusation at first saying marina can never prove it in court.  Marina wonders if Alexandra feels guilty about what she did and Alexandra admits that she does feel guilty sometimes but she knows that this was her only chance at a man like Cyrus and she would do it again except next time she would tell Griggs not to go so easy on her. Alexandra tells marina that she is young and she could have a lot of other men in her life.  Marina tells Alexandra that for some people it only takes one man. 

(Main Street) Daisy tries to start the student council meeting but all the other members of the st8udent council wonít stick to the first topic on the agenda faculty outreach and each push Daisy to hand le the problems of the basketball team uniforms. The council members are also upset that Daisy wonít follow Robertís rules of order for the meeting.  Macy even whispers to one of the other members that she canít believe Daisy beat her in the election.  Daisy canít handle the pressure anymore and blasts the student council members for not realizing there are more important things in life then school uniforms.  Daisy walks away annoyed and Rafe who has been watching what is going on defends Daisy by telling the student council members to cut Daisy some slack because her Aunt is missing and she is going through a rough time right now.  Daisy returns to here the last part of Rafeís defense of her and smiles and tells herself Rafe still cares about her. 

(Mental Hospital) Dinah gives mallet a tour of the hospital and tells him that being there has been like a vacation for her and now she is ready to go home.  Mallet tells Dinah that he is glad she is feeling better but recovery takes time and he doesnít think she is ready to go home.  Dinah then starts to kiss Mallet and gets him down on the bed before Mallet stops and tells her that seducing him wonít work either.  Dinah then pushes Mallet away and gets on the bed and tells him not to be surprised if one day he finds her dead in her room.  Mallet tells Dinah that threatening to kill her wonít work either because he wants her to recover because he loves her.  Dinah then throws a plastic cup at mallets head and screams for him to leave so he leaves the room.

(Cedars Hospital) Marina tells Alexandra to leave and throws her cheap flowers back at her and tells her she is going to enjoy testifying against her.  Alexandra points out that marina will also have to testify against Cyrus because he stole money from the diabetes charity.  Marina tells Alexandra that she isnít in the mood to hear her lies and tells Alexandra to leave again.  Alexandra is surprised that they made her detective because she is way too trusting.  Marina insists that she trusts Cyrus and he promised her he would return the money.   

(Spaulding mansion) Daisy arrives to ask Rafe to forgive her once more but he doesnít believe her and is upset that she didnít tell him about the baby or that she was considering an abortion so that they could make the decision together.  Daisy wonders if because of what she Rafe doesnít love her anymore but she answers her own question because she knows Rafe still loves her.  Daisy explains to Rafe that she knows he loves her because of the way she felt the night they made love and she knows feelings like that donít just go away.  Daisy tells Rafe her mom is missing and she needs someone to talk to who gets her and he was that for her and she misses him.  Rafe tells Daisy that he thought he understood her but he doesn't think so anymore. 

(Mental institution) Dinah calls Matt to help get her out of the hospital but he tells her he wants to give hers some space so that she can get better.  Dinah apologizes for what happened with Maureen and tells Matt she was only trying to do him a favor.  Matt tells Dinah that Maureen isnít going to get into the school because they wonít allow her to make up the test.  Matt tells Dinah he hopes that she will use the time to get better.  Dinah guesses that Matt has reconciled with Vanessa and hangs up the phone on him but not before calling him a traitor.

(Cedars Hospital) Mallet arrives to visit Marina and catches her trying to get out of bed and she almost falls but Mallet catches her and takes her arm and guides her back to bed.  Mallet and Marina arm wrestle and play hang man so that Marina doesnít think about going to look for Cyrus.  Marina asks Mallet about Dinah but he doesnít want to talk about Dinah.  Marina admits to Mallet that she asked Harley to look for Cyrus and is worried because she hasnít heard from her.  Mallet promises to look for Harley as long as Marina doesnít leave the hospital until the doctor says she can leave.

(St. Michaelís Church) Griggs returns and tells Cyrus that he gave him a fake account number and now its time to pay.  Griggs starts to have a hard time breathing so Harley figures out he is having an asthma attack because she found his inhaler and she withholds it from him unless he gives her a cell phone which is ringing with a call from Marina but Griggs wonít give her the phone.

(Main Street) Daisy calls her school pretending to be Harley and tells them her daughter Daisy is sick and contagious and will miss school until she is better.

(Mental institution) Dinah returns from therapy a takes out her cell phone and wonders which of her friends she can call to help get her out.  Dinah then decides that none of her friend will help her.  Dinah hears a knock at the door butt nobody is there but she does find a note on the floor, which says I will help you. 

(St Michaelís Church) Griggs coughs violently and falls through a hole on the floor.  Harley and Cyrus assume he is dead and they see a flyer that fell out of Griggs pocket that says the church is being demolished tomorrow.

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