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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/24/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Josh and Cassie are excited to going to their first fertility appointment. The doctor tells them that Cassie must first undergo a procedure, minor operation to remove scar tissue from her uterus. Cassie wants to do it right away. She is scheduled to go into surgery the following morning. Josh waits and runs into Reva. Reva shares some photos Marah has sent her. They are proud parents. Reva asks why he is at the hospital and Josh tells her he and Cassie are trying to have a baby.

Though Josh tries to appear happy and hopeful that Cassie will get pregnant, Reva can see he really does not want to have another child.

While Cassie is under anesthesia, she dreams of playing a game with all of her kids. She is happy and so are the kids, until they see Alan and run away in fear leaving Cassie all alone. As she comes out of surgery and is delirious, Cassie accidentally tells Beth that Alan is the father of her baby. Beth is upset and confused. She goes to Josh and Rick. They lie and blame it on the medicines used during surgery. Beth is shaken by the revelation but feels better after Josh seconds what Rick, a doctor, assures her was the reason.

When the results of the procedure come back, it appears that things went better than expected. The doctor explains the long procedure and reminds Cassie it will be a lot of work but it is possible to get pregnant, although there are no guarantees.

Cassie makes a startling decision. She doesn’t want to have another baby, she wants to get Will back. Whatever Cassie wants Josh agrees to go along with. He thinks bringing Will home to Springfield is a great idea though it may be tricky from the legal standpoint.

Josh calls Reva to enlist her and Jeffrey’s help in the legal matters. Reva agrees to get Jeffrey on it as soon as he returns to town.

Cassie calls Will to let him know she has some exciting news and will be visiting very soon. Cassie is anxiously awaiting the return of her son. For the first time in months, Cassíe is really happy and beginning to have faith again.

Will plays alone in a garage like area where he is met by his Uncle Edmund, apparently his only friend in the world. Edmund promises to get them both home to see Cassíe just as soon as he can. But for now he doesn’t want Will to tell Cassie that they are talking.

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