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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/23/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Marina is hysterical believing that Cyrus has been killed by Griggs and with anger towards Frank. If by chance Cyrus is still alive, it is a matter of time before Griggs kills him and Frank is not willing to search for the con-man. Marina begs and tries to reason with every side of Frank she can. As a father, as a cop, as a human being . Frank can’t put his hate aside to help mend his daughter’s broken heart. Luckily Harley is on hand to help calm Marina and begin to devise a plan to search for her new friend. Harley understands what it is Marina has been trying to say about Cyrus. She knows that Cyrus is a good person and loves Marina. Harley is going to single-handedly find Cyrus before it is too late. On a hunch from something Cyrus said once about Griggs, she searches abandoned buildings.

Cyrus refuses to give up all of the account numbers to Griggs. He is going to dole them out one at a time. Griggs knocks Cyrus in the back of the head with the butt of his pistol in frustration for not getting what he wants. The blow to the head causes Cyrus to start seeing visions of Marina and Harley. Harley lectures Cyrus for keeping it to himself about the account numbers. Marina encourages Cyrus to hold himself together so they can be together when he is rescued. Cyrus is delirious and it takes a minute for reality to sink in when Harley discovers him.

Harley tries to unlock his cuffs and get him to stop babbling before Griggs comes back. Just as Cyrus realizes that Harley is real Griggs realizes that Harley is there. Griggs now has Harley and Cyrus as his hostages.

Reva accompanies Daisy to the Spaulding Mansion so Daisy and Rafe can talk. Natalia tries to strong-arm and mislead Reva and Daisy. Seeing the situation, Reva sends Daisy back to their room so she can deal with Natalia. Reva lets Natalia have just enough rope to hang herself. Natalia refers to her religious beliefs and sin while holding herself on a higher plain. Just as Natalia figuratively has Daisy burning in hell Reva lowers the boom on Natalia.

Reva casually remembers how happy Gus and Harley were before Natalia came to town. And how Natalia came with one thing on her mind to steal another woman’s husband. Reva doesn’t stop until she has Natalia feeling two inches tall. Adultery is a sin isn’t it, Reva asks. Faced with the truth, that she herself has a lot of forgiveness to ask for Natalia decides not to push Reva who seems to have no boundaries. Yeah I sin, Reva admits but I know it and I don’t pass judgment on others when I am doing wrong as well.

Natalia immediately finds solace in the Bible and prays for forgiveness.

Reva returns to tell her granddaughter everything is going to be okay. Daisy has to get up out of bed and start moving on with her life. The first step is to talk to Harley and let Harley help her now. Daisy wants to and admits she misses Harley but her mom is just too busy working a case.

Reva wonders if she handled the entire Daisy/pregnancy issue correctly. She thought at the time she was doing the right thing, for Daisy but can’t help but wonder if it was. Reva has been there to support everyone in her life but now finds herself alone and thinking of one person -- Jeffrey. Reva calls leaving a message. She begins to cry as she tells the voicemail that she misses him and wants him to come home.

Natalia did come to town for one reason and now she gets it literally moments too late. Gus returns home in a cheerful mood. He has figured out Harley is okay and is going to be okay so now he is ready to move on and try to make a family with Natalia and Rafe. Natalia can’t believe what she is hearing and as bad as she wants Gus she has made a promise to herself. She has sinned and bad things have happened so she is not going to have sex until she is married. It is what she needs to do and wants to do. Especially not with Gus who is still married. Gus agrees to take it slow for Rafe’s sake and begin by just dating, but Natalia cannot commit to that just yet.

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