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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/22/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Gus has returned home to a firestorm of hurt feelings and drama. Anxious to see his son Gus is met by Daisy who has come to the mansion with bad news for Natalia. Rafe’s been arrested. Daisy tells Gus why Rafe was arrested and what led up to Rafe being so angry he began drinking. Gus is reasonable and understanding. His main concern is the physical and mental well-being of his son and step-daughter. Gus tries to make Daisy believe the entire situation isn’t as bad as she thinks it is and feels horrible the young girl had to go through the abortion alone. Right now Gus must concentrate on getting Rafe out of jail. When Gus phones the station he is put on the phone with his father. Gus is surprised but then again he isn’t. Alan has already gotten Rafe out of jail so there is no need to worry.

Now Gus must find Natalia and make sure she is okay. Gus finds Natalia with no problem. She is at the church praying and lighting candles for everyone she knows soul. Natalia feels as though she has lost control of her son and her own life. She can’t seem to get on track since being in Springfield. Gus promises with a hug that he will help Natalia and their son get their lives together. Natalia feels better and they return home together.

Frank has hauled Cyrus and Alexandra in for questioning and detention. Frank orders Cyrus to be sent to county, he doesn’t want the Aussie con man in his station. Alexandra’s innocence is not exactly bought by Frank but he has no idea of the whole truth. Marina was kidnapped under the order of Alexandra. Alex is nervous fearing to reveal to much to frank. Cyrus had warned her before he was placed under arrest that she had better not say a word that would impede Harley saving Marina.

Frank and Alexandra run into Alan who had just bailed his grandson out of jail when Frank was leading her to the interrogation room. Alan has worries that Alex isn’t capable of covering both of their involvement with Griggs. Alex wants to handle her business herself but Alan doesn’t trust his sister to keep him out of the mix. Alan decides to take the big-brother stand. As details emerge Alan begins to see frank has a pretty flimsy case. To divert attention and heat Alan turns the accusations and charges on Frank and his family.

Harley finally lays eyes on Marina. Marina is weak and disoriented at this point. Harley feels her first matter of business should be to get Marina to the hospital. There is a hiccup. Cyrus who had been arrested by Frank arrives in cuffs. A dirty police officer that was on Griggs payroll delivers the con-man. Harley feels she has been double crossed by Cyrus until she discovers that Griggs has a uniform working for him. They are all in this together. When marina sees Cyrus and is close enough to run into his arms, Cyrus makes a decision for them all. Harley and Marina have no idea what he has planned.

Cyrus speaks alone with Griggs and returns. It is safe for Harley to leave with Cyrus. Cyrus claims that Griggs and the dirty officer are gone with the money and everyone if free. Harley promises to come back for Cyrus. Little does Harley and Marina know Cyrus gave himself to Griggs who was hiding in exchange for Marina and Harley to be safe.

Frank is so relieved to see Marina he forgets all charges he had planned to slap on Alexandra. Frank throws a pen at her and tells her to sign the statement that she gave. The statement denied all knowledge of any crimes. Alexandra takes her time to read the statement while Alan was pressuring her to sign it before frank finds out she was responsible for Marina’s kidnapping.

Rafe has a good talk with Alan after he was bailed out of jail. Alan understands and sympathizes with his anger, having lost a child or two himself but a Cooper woman isn’t worth throwing his life away for. Rafe takes this to heart and agrees, although he still cares for Daisy. Now that Rafe is free he sulks on main Street. A classmate that seems to be loose and on the wild side picks Rafe up and asks if he will go clubbing with her. Rafe agrees with pleasure when he sees that Daisy overheard and was hurt. Daisy tries to talk to Rafe but he leaves with the girl. Rafe doesn’t go out with the classmate, he goes home.

At home, Rafe learns that Gus is home and has an attitude expecting a lecture from his father. Gus tries to talk to Rafe a little about what happened but more about checking his anger. The talk goes in one ear and out the other. Rafe storms off with a chip on his shoulder.

Daisy waits for some contact from Rafe but it never comes.

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