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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/19/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Ashlee searches for Marina on the docks, she is so scared. Griggs comes up from behind and knocks her out. Marina begs Griggs to spare Ashlee’s life. Marina tells him to grab her purse and make it look as if she were mugged. Griggs gives Marina a run for her money but agrees it would behoove him to not hurt the DA’s daughter anymore. Griggs is already in enough hot water if he is caught, though he isn’t opposed to shooting them both. Griggs tries to turn Marina against Cyrus, but she believes in the Aussie.

Coop is waiting wondering why Ashlee stood him up when there was something so important on his mind.

Coop decides to drown his sorrows in a booze bottle at Company. Coop asks Buzz why Ashlee always runs away when they just begin to get close. Buzz doesn‘t have an answer but sees that his son is struggling. Coop gets drunk and returns to his room unstable. Ava helps him into his room when she finds him in the hall trying to unlock his room door. She is more than willing to be the support Ashlee has failed to be. Ava offers Coop water to sober up but he trades his water bottle for a beer. Ava moves in massaging his shoulders and acting interested in what Coop is saying and feeling.

Frank finds Ashlee lying unconscious after discovering her scribbling at the police station. The officer Ashlee tried to get help from makes excuses why he didn’t call Frank immediately. Worried for Ashlee and wanting to believe it was Marina, Frank rushes to the docks. Frank takes Ashlee to the ER where she is treated and released. Ashlee hurries to Coop’s room but it is too late. Coop is kissing Ava. Ashlee runs off. Just after Ashlee leaves without Coop’s knowledge, he pulls away from Ava and turns her down.

Buzz is frustrated that his family is falling apart and hurting so badly. Doris drops in to make campaign plans but Buzz yells at her for being so heartless at a time of crisis for his family. Doris offers the full support of the DA’s office when they catch the guy who kidnapped Marina. Buzz invites Doris to have a drink with him. Doris does and they actually get along for once. Doris gets Buzz’s perspective on Ashlee and Coop. Buzz thinks they are great together and make each other happy and that is all that matters. Doris isn’t so sure. She is certain Coop will hurt Ashlee. Doris gets a call from the hospital telling her Ashlee had been brought in after looking for Marina on the docks. Doris blames Buzz and his family for already hurting Ashlee.

Harley and Cyrus force Alexandra to call Griggs. Griggs agrees to meet Harley, alone with the last payment. Harley is determined to follow Griggs’ directions and go alone, though Cyrus is desperate to see Marina. When Alex learns Cyrus is going to follow Harley she tips Frank off. Frank meets Cyrus at the door before he can leave.

Griggs and Harley finally come face to face.

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