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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/18/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Cassie helps Josh get organized and settled into his new position as minister. Cassie goes to Josh with an apology. She is sorry she has pressured Josh into having a baby. After all he has done for her, she knows she should support him at this time in his life. Josh does feel Cassie is throwing herself into work and helping him to replace having a baby.

Olivia has organized a vigil for Marina in hopes of keeping the story in the news. Buzz is touched that Olivia would do something so kind. Olivia really takes charge and pours her heart into helping Marina. She jokes she can use her powers for good too. Olivia gets a little sting when she walks up on Ava crying telling Coop that she doesn’t want to be like Olivia. Ava later apologizes but Olivia sees right through Ava’s plan. She will win Coop by making him feel sorry for her. Ava helps Olivia out with the vigil to get closer to the Cooper family.

Josh is asked to speak at the vigil. On the way to the hospital where the vigil will be held, Cassie notices that Daisy is very upset. Cassie misses the vigil to help care for Daisy after learning how serious the teen’s problem is. Daisy feels Harley hates her and is ashamed of her. After Daisy blurts out that she had an abortion. Cassie takes Daisy to Josh’s office so they could be alone. Josh returns. He is kind and gentle much like Buzz who arrives soon after. Josh gives Daisy and Cassie time alone to talk. Cassie is supportive as a motherly figure, friend of the family, and a caring parent. Cassie talks Daisy through her angst. Daisy feels better and learns that she isn’t alone and hated in the world. Josh is listening and realizes something very important. Two people like him and Cassie should give their love to a baby. It would be a shame not to, he tells Cassie. Cassie can’t believe she is finally hearing the words she has wanted to hear for so long. They can have a baby.

Coop is having problems keeping his faith alive. Coop admits to Ashlee that he believes too much time has passed and Marina is dead. Ashlee wants to support her boyfriend . Ashlee has been working at the “Marina Cooper hotline.”  She goes to the station to find someone to fill in for her so she can be with Coop. While she is waiting for her replacement a call comes in. It is Marina!

Marina asks for help and gives the address of the docks. Ashlee can’t get an officer to take her seriously so she goes in search of Marina herself. Ashlee is scared but feels she must do this for Coop and Marina. Ashlee looks around the docks. She hears bumps and noises. Griggs has Marina tied up just on the other side of some crates.

Rafe is drinking and skipping school. Natalia is at a loss how to help her son. With Gus out of town she calls Remy. Remy’s bad attitude goes up against Rafe’s. they argue. Rafe thinks Remy is only trying to help him so he can win Natalia back, but Remy informs the youth that it was he who broke up with Natalia. Remy is trying to save Rafe from himself. They don’t get anywhere with their argument other than they dislike each other more. A cop walks up and catches Rafe with a beer. When Rafe gets in the officer’s face, he is arrested.

Remy makes a tough call. He calls Daisy before he calls Natalia.

When Remy does reach Rafe’s mom, he tells her that she must let Rafe and Daisy work things out for themselves. It is time for Rafe to grow up and stop being babied.

Daisy goes to the jail to talk to Rafe. Daisy tries to explain but Rafe’s anger is boiling over. He sends her away and tells her he never wants to see her again. Daisy runs out brokenhearted. It hurts Rafe to watch her go.

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