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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

It’s judgment day for Daisy in so many ways. Daisy realizes that she must start telling her parents, family and Rafe not only that she was pregnant but that she had an abortion. Reva tells Daisy she can take her time and supports her as a friend and a loving grandma.

Harley thinks that Daisy is mad because Harley missed Daisy’s doctor’s appointment so she is relieved when daisy calls Harley to meet at company. Buzz and Dylan are also on hand. Daisy waits outside giving Reva a chance “to warm up the crowd” Natalia wonders in wanting to pick up take-out Harley is growing impatient as Reva stalls and won’t tell the news that is Daisy’s place to tell. Natalia sticks around fearing that Daisy’s news impacts Rafe.

Reva sticks her head out the door to summon Daisy in but she is gone. Harley comes unglued, demanding to know what is going on. It is Dylan that lets his mom off the hook. Dylan tells them that Daisy is pregnant. The news is so shocking to say the least. Harley and Natalia immediately begin to argue. Buzz tries to be like Reva and focus on Daisy but the woman are too busy accusing the other and their children for letting this mistake happen. Once things calm a smidgen Harley and Natalia begin to accept the fate that they are grandmothers but Reva has one more thing to share.

Daisy ended the pregnancy yesterday. Harley feels so badly that Daisy didn’t, couldn’t turn to her. Natalia is angry that Daisy had an abortion. Natalia who comes from a very religious background cannot accept the choice daisy made without talking to anyone. Harley and Natalia argue more. Reva calls a halt and points out right now their only concern should be for Daisy.

Harley wants to see Daisy but Reva won’t allow it until Harley calms down.

When Daisy ran away she went back to Reva’s to hide under the covers. Rafe slips in surprising her. Rafe can tell Daisy is not feeling well. Daisy finally tells him that she became pregnant after their first night together. To Daisy’s surprise Rafe is in shock but happy. They are going to be a happy he tells her while doting on her. Natalia lets her self in ordering Daisy “Tell him or I will”

Rafe can’t believe everyone knows but him. He is angry with Daisy and his anger only turns to fury when Daisy tells him she is not pregnant anymore. Rafe does not buy the excuse that she did it to keep from ruining his life. Rafe storms out making it clear he is not happy with Natalia either. Natalia tells Daisy that she took something that she had no right to take, and Natalia will not let her hurt Rafe ever again.

Daisy falls to the floor in tears. Harley calmly scoops her daughter up and holds her. They talk calmly. Rationally. Dylan joins them. Everyone is civil and loving. No one lays blame or yells. They really come together as a family. A lot of old wounds and new are mended by the little hallway chat.

Together they are ready to move past this as a family and support unit. Daisy is ready to go home but Harley has some bad news. Because of the Marina case she is going to have to stay with Dylan. Daisy takes it the wrong way but Dylan quickly fixes the misunderstanding. Reva arrives just in time to second the notion of love and support. Daisy knows she will always have Reva’s support and love no matter what.

At the end of the day Daisy goes home with Dylan. Rafe is at the mansion angry with Natalia and the other adults, and himself. He drowns his sorrows in Alan’s scotch and for the first time in his life rejects Natalia’s over protective mothering. Harley is left with no one but Cyrus who proves to be a true caring friend.

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