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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/16/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Dinah is committed! Has Vanessa committed her wayward lost daughter for spite and jealousy or is it for her own good. Mallet struggles with his failed marriage. When he sees Dinah kissing matt at CO2 he has an officer bring him in. matt thinks that Mallet is going to strong arm him but all Mallet wants is for matt to take care of Dinah. Matt gets an attitude claiming he isn’t going to smoother Dinah and turn into Mallet. Mallet feels defeated, there is nothing more he can do for his injured wife.

Matt was upset when he was at CO2 because today was his day with Maureen but she had to take an important test at school. Determined to boost Matt’s spirits Dinah goes to school and pulls Maureen out of her test. Vanessa is furious when she learns what Dinah did. She goes to mallet for help. Dinah and Maureen meet Matt at company as a surprise. Matt is happy to see his daughter but not happy that Dinah went to get her. Maureen was taking the important test so she could get into an exclusive private school. Though he wanted to spend the day with his daughter he understood why the test was more important.

Mallet arrives on the order of Vanessa to bring Dinah to the police station. She is hurt and angry when Matt won’t defend her and help keep Mallet from taking her to face Vanessa. Matt stands by knowing it is for the best.

At the station mallet is blind sighted when Vanessa has a doctor standing by to take Dinah to a long-term care facility. Mallet can’t condone Dinah being committed and is going to stand up for his wife until Dinah makes a very bad decision. She pulls his service weapon from his holster and holds Vanessa and the doctor at bay. Mallet knows he can’t help her and obviously no one in Springfield can help her either. Dinah begs not to be taken off to the nut house but Mallet has to let her go. Dinah screams as she is drug away how much she hates Vanessa and Mallet. Dinah vows she will never come back to AC, ever.

Cassie is still trying to convince Josh to have a baby. Today especially her motherly instincts are on the rise. Lewis construction is going to give away a scholarship to a young girl in Tammy’s name. Before the ceremony to present the girl with the check Cassie runs into Beth who has been baby shopping. This only makes Cassie need a baby more. Josh is certain he does not want anymore children. Finally Cassie realizes Josh has had his say but she really hasn’t gotten to voice what she wants. They go home and talk. The one thing they agree upon is they need to reach a compromise but what that compromise is neither know.

Rick and Beth are being hounded by a reporter that believes Beth’s riches to rags story would make a great article. Rick becomes very territorial and threatens the reporter if he doesn’t leave Beth alone.

Lizzie runs into Vanessa and pushes her and Billy together then leaves them alone. Billy is worried about Little Bill but happy to see Vanessa. Vanessa becomes choked up as she admits she is still in love with Matt and regrets divorcing him. She and Billy can be no more than friends. Billy is saddened by this but does not turn to the bottle. Instead he and Lizzie get to work trying to find out what is going on with Little Bill.

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