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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/15/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Mallet and Vanessa have dinner together to discuss treatment options for Dinah. Mallet is doubtful that Dinah will agree to anything since she has moved out. Vanessa becomes concerned she moved in with Matt. Vanessa admits she doesn’t know how to process or feel about Dinah and Matt being together. Mallet tells her she had better figure it out because they just walked in. Dinah and Matt sit at the counter and are equally uncomfortable to see their exes. Dinah complains about the way Mallet hovered over her and looked out for her. Dinah tries to make it sound like she is happy she is free of Mallet, but she is more miserable with every passing day. Vanessa decides to have a word with her daughter.

Dinah goes on the defensive; she is so sick of everyone thinking they know what is best for her. They argue. Dinah storms back into Company to tell Matt she is leaving. Mallet tries to talk to her, but she blows up at him too. Dinah gives her wedding rings back to Mallet.

In her room, Dinah thinks until Vanessa stops by, but this time not to talk with Dinah but Matt. Vanessa thinks she made a mistake rushing into the divorce from Matt. Not that Dinah loves Matt but the idea that Vanessa so blatantly wants to take Matt from her only makes Dinah angrier at the world. Sick of being perceived as crazy, she is going to show them all what crazy is. Dinah calls room service ordering one order of pancakes to be delivered every hour on the hour to Vanessa’s room and Mallet’s room through the night.

She turns to Matt and fails to give him the message that Vanessa would like to talk with him about their marriage and divorce.

Daisy feels so alone. Rafe doesn’t know about the pregnancy. Dylan is angry and made her feel even worse. Reva betrayed her trust. And Harley is absent as always when Daisy needs her. Alone and no idea what to do and definitely not ready for a baby Daisy has only one option as far as she can tell. Get an abortion.

Reva checks on Dylan to see how things went. When she finds him angry and drinking beer, she knows it didn’t go well. Reva rushes to find Daisy so she knows that, no matter what, she is supported, but it is too late. Daisy is in recovery when Reva finds her. Reva doesn’t pass judgment or criticize Daisy for the decision she made. Reva’s heart does break for her grand-daughter who has mixed emotions about what she did. She is sad but she doesn’t regret having the abortion.

Harley is at the house convincing Cyrus that Alexandra is involved in Marina’s kidnapping. No way! Cyrus thinks. After seeing the truth and putting two and two together Cyrus and Harley work to set Alex up.

Harley sneaks into the Spaulding Study and waits. Cyrus disguises himself and picks Alex up just before she is released from the hospital. Alex is more than glad to see the beau she has fallen in love with but concerned as well. Griggs is taunting her and being elusive about Marina’s condition and whereabouts. He sent her a bracelet that belongs to Marina. Alex hides the bracelet by moving it under her sleeve.

Back at the mansion, Cyrus prepares a champagne dinner to welcome Alex home. The conversation quickly turns to Marina. Alex warns they had better prepare themselves for the worse. Harley is listening from behind the curtain. Cyrus grabs Alex by the wrist exposing the bracelet. He blows up in anger knowing now Harley was right.

Cyrus and Harley come down hard on Alex. She is worried for Marina but what worries her the most is when Cyrus turns his back to her, swearing. As soon as Marina is back safely, he will never have anything to do with Alexandra again. Alex promises to work with them whatever they have to do to find Marina and bring the whole incident to an end. Unfortunately, she knows nothing. All they can do is wait for Griggs to contact her. So they wait.

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