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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/12/07

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora
Proofread by Fran

(Harley’s house)  Cyrus and Harley arrive home after looking around the Lighthouse for Marina with no luck.  Harley insists that Cyrus eat some macaroni and cheese so they can have strength to continue the search for Marina.  Cyrus has been listening to Griggs phone call all night to see if he can find another clue to find Marina but he is frustrated when he can’t find any new information.

(Beacon)  Daisy goes to talk to Natalia and asks her what it was like to raise Rafe as a single young mother.  Natalia tells Daisy that it was very hard and it was her choice to give up college for Rafe.  Daisy wonders if Natalia would change anything if she had the chance to go back.  Natalia tells her that she wouldn’t change anything because then she wouldn’t have Rafe but from time to time she does wonder what her life would be like if she had made different choices.  Natalia advises Daisy to go to college and make the choice that she and Harley were unable to make.  Natalia also tells Daisy that she doesn’t have anything against her as a person, she just doesn’t want Rafe to jeopardize his future by concentrating on her instead of school.  Daisy explains to Natalia that she loves Rafe and wants him to go to college and fulfill his dreams, too. 

(Harley’s house)  Cyrus and Harley are about to go out again to look for Marina when Frank arrives so Cyrus rushes out the back door.  Frank wonders why Harley hasn’t told him how the case is going yet.  Harley apologizes and says she has been busy looking for leads in the case.  Frank informs Harley that he got a tip and tells him someone saw Cyrus walking around the lighthouse.  Harley tells Frank that Cyrus loves Marina and he would never work with Griggs to kidnap her.  Frank is still skeptical about Cyrus but understand why Harley feels she needs his help to find Marina. 

(Hospital)  Alex receives a present from Griggs and when she opens it she sees it’s Marina’s bracelet with a note that says to pay up or the hand comes next.  Cyrus arrives for a quick visit and to apologize to Alexandra for hurting her.  Alexandra asks him to help her get in the wheelchair so she can ride around the hallway.  Cyrus helps her and then gives her a quick kiss on the forehead before he leaves the room.  Alexandra rolls the chair to the pay phone to call Griggs and let him know he will get his money today. 

(Company)  Rafe sits and tries hard to study math but Dylan arrives to have a talk since he thinks Rafe knows that Daisy is pregnant.  Dylan tells Rafe that he has ruined Daisy’s life and Rafe tells him that he loves Daisy and he would never do anything to hurt her or ruin her life. 

(Harley’s house)  Cyrus tells Harley he understands why Marina admires her so much.  Harley tells Cyrus she understands why Marina loves him so much.

 (Company)  Rafe tells Dylan that he is done making mistakes and he wants to live a life that will make his parents and Daisy proud of him.  Dylan tells Rafe he loves Daisy and he will do whatever he has too done to protect her. 

(Beacon)  Daisy asks Natalia if diabetes runs in the family.  Natalia says yes and that made it a bit harder to raise Rafe but he was the best thing that ever happened to her.  Rafe arrives after Natalia leaves and Daisy wonders if he would like to have kids.  Rafe says, “Yeah, sure everybody wants to have kids someday.”

(Main)  Daisy sees Dinah and Dinah recalls being there when she was born.  Dinah explains to Daisy she didn’t know Harley very well but she thought she was so brave to give her up for adoption since she knew she couldn’t raise her.  Dinah tells Daisy that when she saw her in Harley’s arms she knew she wanted to have a little girl just like her someday.  Daisy calls Harley and tells her she wants her to go to the gynecologist with her.  Harley agrees to meet her at the hospital and Daisy wonders how she is going to tell her the news.  Daisy sees Dylan and from the look on his face, she can tell he knows she is pregnant.  Harley apologizes to Dylan for getting pregnant.  Dylan remains silent and Daisy asks him to say something.  Dylan explains that he doesn’t know what to say to her since he, Harley, Natalia, and Gus all warned her this would happen.  Daisy cries a little and tells Dylan she thought they were being smart.  Dylan wonders if she has told Harley yet and Daisy says she is planning to tell her at the hospital later when she goes for a doctor’s appointment. 

(Beacon)  Rafe arrives and gives his mom a gift certificate for a massage and tells her he wants to take Daisy with him to Europe this summer.  Rafe asks Natalia to give him a chance to prove to her that he and Daisy can be responsible and then she can decide if they can go on the trip.  Rafe tells Natalia that Daisy has been acting distant toward him and he doesn’t know why. 

(Hospital)  Harley sees Alexandra who is getting back into bed and then putting some change on the nightstand.  Harley wonders what Alexandra is doing with all that change and Alexandra says she wanted some potato chips and went to get some from a vending machine.  Harley asks Alexandra if she has heard from Cyrus and she says no.  Harley leaves Alexandra to rest and she notices a payphone close to Alexandra’s room in the hallway.  Harley has a gut feeling and calls the station to ask one of the men to get phone records from all the pay phones on the fifth floor. 

(Harley’s House)  Cyrus looks at a picture of Marina that Harley has on her fireplace mantle and then he calls Griggs and leaves a message warning him that if he hurts Marina he will hunt him down and kill him.  Cyrus then decides to fix Harley’s door that sticks. 

(Hospital)  Daisy waits for Harley but she is told by a nurse that Harley got a lead on a case and won’t be able to be with her at the doctor.  Daisy sees a girl who is her age that is pregnant, and the girl tells her she is putting her baby up for adoption.  Daisy is told the doctor can see her, so a scared and confused Daisy goes in to see the doctor. 

(Harley’s House)  Harley tells Cyrus she got a hunch and got the phone records from the pay phones at the hospital and found out that someone has been calling Griggs from there.  Cyrus is stunned when Harley tells him she suspects Alexandra paid Griggs to kidnap Marina. 

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