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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/11/07

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Written By Beth
Pictures by Dora

Josh starts moving into Rev Rutledge's office. Cassie tells him his first meeting with a parishioner is Reva. Reva shows up and the meeting is uncomfortable. She confides in him that Daisy's pregnant. They reminisce having their first child together. Josh tells her Daisy is lucky to have her in her life. She thanks Josh for his help. He tells Reva he's not ready for diaper duty again himself. Reva turns around from the doorway, closes the door and offers to listen to Josh's problem. He confides in her that he doesn't want to be a new dad again.

Dinah is moving out of her room she shared with Mallet. She runs into Matt and he tells her he's glad to see her. She tries to explain why she's leaving Mallet while she still loves him. Matt thinks she doesn't want to choose between him and Mallet. She says she's choosing to be on her own. She goes back to get more of her things and Mallet walks in on her. They discuss what's going on with Marina's case. Dinah tells Mallet he's not responsible for what happened to Marina. She tells him he's a mess and he can't take care of her either. She tells him to ease up on himself. Mallet gets a call from the station; Dinah tries to take a message for him and doesn't get it right. She tells Mallet she doesn't want him to keep taking care of everything.

Rafe stops to visit Natalia at work bringing her lunch as Gus shows up doing the same. Gus gives Rafe an invitation from Alan for a visit to Europe by himself as a graduation present. Natalia tells him they'll talk about it when he graduates. Rafe gives the gift back to Gus. Gus assures Rafe that Natalia has other support people now besides Rafe and that Rafe should consider going to Europe.

Mallet runs into Daisy outside of Company offering her French fries which makes her vomit with Reva as a witness. Daisy tells her she's the only one who knows she's pregnant. She leaves a voice mail for Harley telling her she'll stop by later to talk with her. She goes for her first visit at the hospital to talk to someone about the pregnancy.

Daisy watches an exchange between Olivia and the babysitter. Daisy comments on it to Olivia and Olivia tells her how it's all worth it. Cassie is there and tells Olivia she wants another baby herself. Daisy overhears the conversation. Olivia warns Cassie to not have a child to keep their family together.

Daisy meets up with Rafe on Main Street. He tells Daisy about his difficult childhood and tells her how Gus told him he should go to Europe. Rafe offers to trade in his first class ticket for two coach tickets and go together after graduation. She realizes how excited he is about the trip. She tells Rafe she has to go talk to someone and she'll call him later.

Gus visits with Natalia again while she's at work. Natalia tells Gus she's on a break with Remy. She accuses him of checking up on her and she doesn't want that from him. They end up kissing. Rafe sees them in the hallway kissing. Rafe accuses him of using his mom. Rafe doesn't want Gus to hurt Natalia again. Gus assures him he will always be good to Natalia.

Dillon is at the hospital and sees Daisy's name of a patient list. Reva walks in, sees him demanding information from a nurse who won't share anything with him. Reva tells him Daisy's pregnant. Reva tells Dillon Daisy needs his support. Dillon says he doesn't think Daisy can handle having a baby and she has choices.

Cassie tells Josh she has a void. Josh found something that makes him feel whole and she wants that, too. She wants to have a child with him. She knows how he feels but it doesn't make how she feels wrong.

Dinah goes to Matt's room and tells him she doesn't want to be alone. He thinks she's going back to Mallet. She tells him no and that she wants to be with him.

Daisy goes to talk with Natalia about her problem.

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