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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/10/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora


The search for Marina continues but brings Harley and Cyrus back to Springfield.

Harley is working on reviewing the audio from Griggs’ call. Cyrus is going stir crazy and feeling helpless. After Harley isolates background noise off the call from Griggs she discovers the Springfield bells tolling in the background. Cyrus isn’t as easily convinced as Harley is but she is certain Marina is being held in Springfield and near the lighthouse.

Cyrus is plagued by visions of Marina as he fights exhaustion. When they return to town things only get dicey for the con and the cop after the town is wallpapered with “Wanted” Posters for Cyrus. Harley believes it is all a misunderstanding but soon learns that it isn’t. Frank wants Foley back in jail. Frank is thrilled to see his sister but even more thrilled that Cyrus is back on his turf and Frank can now bring him in. Harley wants Frank to understand Cyrus really is a big help and will continue to be but Frank can’t put his personal hate aside to see Harley’s logic. Harley is forced to lie to Frank telling him that she and Cyrus parted ways when they got back into town. For now Harley has Cyrus stashed in marina’s room.

Alex wakes up and panics after learning she has been out for a week. She desperately calls Griggs begging him not to react in a dangerous way. Griggs wants his money and he wants his money now.

As Cyrus waits for Harley to return from clearing up the open warrant issue he gets wind of Alexandra’s near brush with death. He rushes to check on her. Cyrus really does feel badly for what he did to her and for the pain and poor health she is suffering with. Alexandra is jumpy after having to cut her call with Griggs short when Cyrus walks in. Alex still has no idea if Griggs has killed Marina or not.

Alex and Cyrus agree for now the best they can do is stand by each other.

Harley doesn’t have god news for Cyrus concerning the warrant for his arrest, but she didn’t turn him in. They are going to have to stay way undercover if they plan to locate Marina. Harley must go get Cyrus some clothes but is caught leaving Marina’s room by Gus. Gus is really glad to see his wife and know she is okay. He wants to help her any way he can even if it is just holding her to let her know everything will be alright. Harley pushes him away telling him to go be with his new family.

Harley goes home sad. The kids arrive shortly after. Frank called them to tell them Harley was home. Zac, Jude, and Daisy are happy to see Harley. Harley is juggling her kids, Frank, Gus, and keeping Cyrus free and hidden. Especially after she draws down on Zac when he follows her to the Beacon on his bicycle. Zac is concerned that she is going to leave just like Rafe and Gus did.

Time is being wasted sneaking around and making cover stories so Harley and Cyrus devise a plan. Harley lies to Frank again claiming Cyrus hit her over the head and ran.

Now that Frank isn’t focused on capturing Cyrus they can begin to investigate around the lighthouse. Harley goes home alone to find Gus waiting for her by the back door. He practically begs her to let him help, as a friend or as a partner. Harley wants to give in and it breaks her heart to tell him no but Cyrus is waiting just inside and she can’t risk blowing his cover. Cyrus feels bad for Harley. He knows how much she is hurting and still loves Gus but for now they have to concentrate on finding Marina. Harley agrees. Cyrus has made a list of the properties surrounding the lighthouse, they’ll start there and work their way out.

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