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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/9/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures By Dora

Josh is excited to get started on his new church. He feels energized with happiness. Everything seems to be looking up, even the case of the collapsed building. At first his day starts out arguing with Billy and Cassie about who exactly is going to take the fall for hiring the sub-par contractor but Lizzie steps in and makes it a moot point. Mel also has good news. Lizzie discovers that the contractor in charge of the building that collapsed was recommended by Bill there for after reviewing everyone’s contracts no one is actually at fault. Mel has gotten word that the families that lost their homes are actually reaching out to the courts asking for leniency when it comes to the Lewis’ because they have been so wonderful since the accident.

Billy knows something is up with Little Bill and tries to reach him for an explanation. A mysterious Spanish woman answers and will not give Billy any information. Billy calls back with a message for Little Bill. You’re Fired!

Cassie is happy for her husband as he celebrates his new life that is beginning with her. She has hopes of a new life for herself or rather for them A baby. Cassie still doesn’t want to abandon the idea especially after talking to Lizzie who herself would one day like to have another child. Josh finds an appointment card from a fertility clinic in a stack of mail intended for him. . He tells her again his only focus right now has got to be the church and the family he already has. Cassie is disappointed but promises to cancel the appointment. She doesn’t .

Gus grows more and more jealous and possessive of Natalia when he feels he has to compete with Remy and Alan. Alan all but wages a war for Natalia going as far as to set Remy up. Alan hires a would-be debt collector to come after Remy while he is on a date with Natalia. Natalia is willing to give up an antique watch her mother gave her to protect herself and Remy. Remy wants to struggle with the guy but he pulls a knife. Gus stumbles upon the altercation and breaks it up. When Remy sees his problems could have hurt Natalia he breaks up with her. Remy feels he has to stand by his convictions. He didn’t want her to get hurt by Gus but he has put her in danger of being hurt as well now. Gus sulks at the police station and finally puts a photo of Harley away facing facts, his marriage is over.

Jeffrey tries to convince Reva she should come forward. Not because it is the right thing to do but because he is worried that Alan will turn on her if the truth comes out. Reva doesn’t think Alan would, he did save her life after all. Reva feels they have a pact plus she does not want to stir up any more curiosity in Alan about Jonathan and Sarah possibly being alive. Jeffrey understands Reva’s fears for Jonathan and Sarah are driving her more than fear of prison or Alan Spaulding. Alan finds Jeffrey and Reva discussing the murder. Alan is surprised and disapproving that Jeffrey knows exactly what happened. Jeffrey is quick to defend Reva when Alan feels betrayed. Jeffrey tells how he figured it out on his own. Alan tries to use Ava then the past rape of Olivia to bully Jeffrey into staying quiet but he doesn’t get any promises making Alan rest very uneasy. Alan and Jeffrey exchange vague threats but Jeffrey is the one left to make a decision that will effect all of their lives.

Reva and Alan disagree about Jeffrey staying quiet about the murder. Reva thinks he will for her but Alan thinks Jeffrey would much rather see him pay.

Luckily they don’t have to disagree for long. Jeffrey comes to them with news. He has made a call to some contacts in California and made the whole thing disappear. Jeffrey eluded to his contact that the sheriff was greatly in debt from a gambling problem and it would be in everyone’s best interest if the case were closed as soon as possible. Alan is grateful and impressed. He had know idea Jeffrey had such powerful connections. Alan offers Jeffrey and Reva anything, a donation to a charity perhaps in exchange for letting them both off the hook. All Jeffrey wants in return is for Alan to stay away from Reva and for Reva to tell him everything no matter what, in the future. Alan doesn’t believe he and Reva will be separated that easily but all they all part on good terms. Reva is free to pick back up with her life with Jeffrey. She is happy again.

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