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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/8/07

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Written By Dani

No news is not necessarily good news when it comes to Marina. There are still no leads and no word if she is still alive or okay. Everyone who cares for Marina is at their wits end.

Just as Cyrus and Harley think they have Griggs and Marina in their sights, the only person they find on the boat is a stranger that has been hired to look after the boat, only Griggs bound and gagged him. The man does confirm Marina is alive and appears to be okay. Griggs has fled and Marina is with him. Now frustration grows into anger, regret, hate, remorse. Cyrus who is typically cool under pressure is finding that this is a pressure he can’t handle. Cyrus hates himself for missing Griggs at the docks. Harley is beginning to feel overwhelmed with the lack of evidence and leads but she has to keep it together as Cyrus falls apart. Harley finds she is spending most of her time comforting Cyrus than looking for Marina. Cyrus is finally blaming himself for Marina being kidnapped.

Griggs calls the room that Harley and Cyrus are using for their post while in NY. Griggs won’t say exactly what it is he wants from them but makes it very clear he is watching them closely. Griggs goes as far as to describe what Harley is wearing. HE is watching them in the room and slipped in to hook up the land line he is currently calling on while they were out. Cyrus and Harley now feel trapped. Everything they do is witnessed by Griggs. Harley wants and feels she needs to call Frank but she can’t in fear that Griggs may react and do something to Marina.

Frank and Mallet are tearing the department and files on Cyrus and Griggs apart but turn up nothing. Frank doesn’t understand why Harley hasn’t called. HE is even questioning if Harley is safe now. Mallet questions Harley’s wellbeing as well. It isn’t like her to not keep them posted when she is working a case.

Buzz goes head to head with Doris at Company when they find themselves alone. Coop told Buzz what Doris has done in the past to people who get close to Ashlee. Buzz fires away at Doris who tries to claim she was only protecting Ashlee. Ashlee is listening from around the corner. Finally she and Doris have their own confrontation. Ashlee knows everything now.

Doris’ cold, manipulative attitude reduces Ashlee to tears. Coop walks in, he becomes angry with Doris for once again upsetting Ashlee. Coop goes after his girlfriend only to be threatened by Doris if he doesn’t leave Ashlee alone. Coop calls Doris’ bluff. He goes after her. Coop and Doris glare at each other as Coop holds Ashlee in comfort.

Buzz leaves to give Doris and Ashlee time to speak. He finds Daisy on Fifth Street, she’s been crying. Daisy is very emotional trying to figure out what to do next and how much she is going to let everyone down. It doesn’t help every time she turns around now days someone is telling her how proud they are of her.

Buzz sits with his grandaughter. Daisy passes her emotions off as worry over Marina. Daisy doesn’t want to disappoint him or anyone else that she loves. Buzz certainly understands what she means by that. Buzz didn’t want to run a dirty campaign but feels after the public attack on Marina and constant attack on his family by Doris he has no choice. Buzz promises Daisy will never let him down and he will always love her. Buzz has his own issue with disappointment of those he loves. Buzz asks that she not look down on him for taking the election in another direction. Daisy gives grandpa Buzz the same love and support he has always given her.

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