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Guiding Light Update Friday 10/5/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Rafe can’t put his finger on it and can’t get the truth out of Daisy but something is definitely bothering her. Daisy tries to pass her anxiety off as unsure if she can perform the duties of class VP but Rafe promises if it gets to be too much he will help her. A call from Harley doesn’t help Daisy’s apprehension. Harley compliments Daisy on how mature and responsible she is being during their family crisis. Daisy can’t take it anymore, she needs to speak to someone. Daisy goes to track Reva down. Rafe follows.

Reva and Alan continue their argument about keeping their secret. Reva feels like they are going to get caught and it will be too late. Alan convinces her everything will be okay as long as they stick together. Reva pretends to see things his way but slips out the back door of Company. Alan is not that dumb, he follows.

Reva goes to the police station ready to confess to killing a man in California. Before she can give a statement Daisy arrives, desperate to speak with Reva. In private Reva listens to Daisy’s angst and promises no matter what she will be there to help and support Daisy. The talk was good because Reva realized that she can’t risk going to prison, she must be around to help her family.

Saved by the bell, Reva gets a message from Dylan that he needs to speak with her immediately. When Reva arrives at the beacon she finds her lover not her son. Jeffrey used the ploy to ensure Reva would come. She tries to be cold but he stops her in her tracks when Jeffrey begins to reveal that he just returned from Tourmaline, CA. Jeffrey knows that is where she and Alan were. What he doesn’t know is what happened there that she is keeping from him.

Reva breaks down. The memories bring her to tears. Reva tells of how Alan got the tip from a guy that said Jonathan and Sarah were alive. Reva had to go warn Jonathan but when she arrived it was a bad situation. Jonathan has become involved with this girl. Reva doesn’t know who. Her father was the sheriff in town and disapproved. Jonathan walked in on the father beating the girl so Jonathan being Jonathan got involved. The father and Jonathan fought physically. It ended with Jonathan knocking the guy in the head with a shovel. Jonathan thought he had killed the sheriff. Reva arrived and told Jonathan and the girl to run. So they did. Alan arrived shortly after that. Reva managed to convince Alan the guy had lied to Alan most likely to extort money from him. As she was convincing Alan Jonathan and Sarah are in fact dead the sheriff came to and lunged at Reva. Alan shot him dead!

Harley and Cyrus fight exhausting and hunger to keep looking for Marina. Things aren’t going well back in Springfield either. Frank is a loose cannon and there isn’t a thing Buzz can do. Just as Frank wonders if things can get any worse Doris and her camera crew walk Fifth Street and she slanderously accuses most members of Buzz’s’ family of crimes and misplaced morals. Frank snaps and attacks a camera man when Doris attempts to make a fool of Buzz and frank on camera. Right after Buzz breaks up the fight Frank is delivered a tip, at last. They have a location for Griggs’ cell phone. While Frank waits impatiently after passing the tip along to Harley and Cyrus Buzz makes a decision.

Buzz calls Coop. It’s time to play dirty. He gives Coop the okay to start digging into Doris’ past. The mud is going to fly. Buzz warned her to leave his family alone.

Harley and Cyrus have some scheming and lying to do before they can get down to the docks at the wharf but they manage to get close enough that they have the boat in sight. Each are struggling to take charge that the other isn’t willing to relinquish. Harley brandishes a gun giving her ultimate reign in her mind. Armed and ready for anything they begin to creep up to the boat slip where Griggs is docked.

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