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Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/4/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Jeffrey and Mel go over work. Jeffrey has had it with his life since Reva is gone. He asks Mel to go out and have a good time with him. Mel recognizes that he is just trying to forget about Reva and tells him not to worry about her. If he cares for Reva go after her. Mel really gets Jeffrey thinking when she states, Reva must have a reason because she probably isn’t romantically involved with the man that killed her son. Jeffrey asks Mel to give Reva a few items she left behind that he knows Reva would want. One of the items is a framed photo of Jonathan and Sarah. On the back there is a newspaper clipping stuck but Jeffrey doesn’t notice it. Mel refuses to help believing Jeffrey should see Reva himself.

Jeffrey decides to go snooping around at the police station and maybe get information out of Gus as to why Reva is living at the Spaulding mansion. Gus doesn’t help he only takes offence that Jeffrey is insinuating Reva may be in harm. Frustrated Jeffrey doesn’t know where or who to turn to now, all he can do is look at the photo of Jonathan. He notices the newspaper clipping from Tourmaline, CA. Jeffrey immediately puts it together. He rushes home to pack and book passage on a private plane immediately.

Alan is lurking over Natalia at her new job as a maid at the Beacon. Natalia wants to talk about the kiss. Alan passes it off as nothing but the need for a friend at a very dark moment. Natalia was being so supportive he just stepped out of line. Natalia forgives him and jokes she will be his friend.

The conversation turns to the odd new house mate Reva. Alan tries to explain how fragile Reva is but Reva overhears and breaks up their pow wow. Reva is furious, she believes Alan is trying to make her look crazy so if some has to go down for killing the man in CA it will be her. Think again Big Al, if Reva goes down you are going down with her. Reva storms off and Alan follows desperate to keep her quiet and away from Jeffrey. Reva is sick of being ordered around by Alan and makes her unhappiness known very loudly at company. Alan tries desperately to get a hold of the loose cannon.

Rafe brings Gus breakfast after he hasn’t been home for days. Gus knows Rafe is up to something. Rafe wants one hour with daisy just to talk to her. Gus gives Rafe the run around but eventually agrees to one hour and no touching. Rafe has earned a little lead way because he has been very straight forward and honest with Gus and Natalia.

Natalia isn’t so happy with the decision but gives in and doesn’t over ride it after Gus reminds her of how they were at that age. At least Rafe isn’t trying to sneak around like they did.

Daisy is struggling with the news that she is pregnant. Reva tries to reason with her and point out why she needs to tell her parents and Rafe. Daisy refuses claiming it is her decision to make. Reva promises once everyone knows they can work together to help out. Daisy storms off for school. When she arrives Dylan is waiting. He pretends to be mad then congratulates her. Daisy begins to make excuses but before she reveals her secret Dylan blurts out that she won VP of the student body council. Daisy feels horrible about herself as Dylan talks non-stop about how proud he is of her for turning her life around.

Rafe finds out Daisy is in the principal’s office with her father and decides to wait for her. Daisy is shaken enough from her conversation with Dylan Rafe is the last person she wants to see. Rafe can tell something is wrong. She almost tells him but can’t bring herself to.

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