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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/3/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Buzz decides to film a love letter to and from the citizens of Springfield about Springfield after viewing a slanderous commercial Doris released attacking Buzz and his family. Buzz is out to prove Doris is not the right candidate for mayor after she heartlessly makes remarks about Marina and her involvement with thief Cyrus Foley.

Buzz, Coop and Ashlee hit the streets to interview various people. Rick, Jeffrey, Blake, Olivia, and Mallet. All start off with kind words but ultimately end up pointing out the flaws of Springfield and it’s people.

Rick states: He loves Springfield and all of the people in it…. That is until he sees Alan and runs off camera to confront him about snooping into Beth’s medical records and progress. Rick screams threats at Alan to leave Beth and HIS baby alone.

Jeffrey states: Springfield is a welcoming place where people are accepted as they are, until Olivia pulls him out of the interview. She scolds him for stepping foot in the beacon after she kicked him out of his room.

Blake has many things to say: She is upset at first because she wanted to be mayor but Buzz gets her talking. Blake claims Springfield brings out the best and the worst in people. The greatest things that have ever happened to her happened in this town. However the worst things that have happened to her have also happened here. Blake begins to go off and dwell on the bad and scandalous .

Mallet: He is still reeling from his wife’s infidelity and trying to convince Dinah not to leave him but Mallet has some choice words of his own about Springfield. Mallet came back to town to try and fix past mistakes but there was only more mistakes to be made that needed to be fixed.

Olivia she had the liveliest opinion: Olivia points out every freak flaw in town and with it’s people. Pointing out all of the divorce, back stabbing, lying. If Buzz doesn’t win by unanimous vote that just proves how screwed up the entire town is.

Buzz feels sad and defeated when he doesn’t get the warm and fuzzy response he thought he would by reaching out to the people of the town he loves and wants to represent. Alan tells Buzz he is chasing a dream that is not what Springfield is. Springfield was based on a dream but it was a dream of commerce and progress not the little man trying to squeak by flipping burgers.

Buzz is preoccupied with the search for Marina and Doris’ bragging that she is indeed the candidate that touches Springfield. Doris got a standing ovation after she hosted a $200 a plate luncheon. Maybe the people do deserve her, Buzz asks him self.

Ready to throw in the towel Buzz gets a second wind after seeing Olivia and Jeffrey smiling and hugging Ava, their daughter they discovered in Springfield.

Buzz takes a different approach. Second chances. Redemption is the theme of his documentary. He now interviews Ava, Dinah, Rick, and Billy. All of which have found a second chance at a life they thought they would never know or have.

Ava tells: when she came here two years ago it was complicated and she was misguided. Is she glad she came absolutely, she found herself and the woman she wants to be along with her biological parents. That too was complicated and very difficult in the beginning but they are getting by now making it work. A smile comes to her face as she speaks about her new family.

Dinah sure has a tale: Dinah remembers the many times she has come and gone from this place traveling the world but her life changed for the better when she too found her biological parents in Springfield. That was also difficult just as Ava’s reunion with Jeffrey and Olivia but Dinah was a handful from the beginning. But now she loves her parents and are so happy to have known them. Also Dinah found the greatest happiness she has ever known here in the same town years later. Mallet. Dinah’s face lights up thinking about the love and good ness in Mallet.

Rick: Rick has finally found his love the love that he has been after for over twenty years. Even though the divorce rate is so high in town that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. If there is a high divorce rate that means there is a high marriage rate. Rick is inspired by it believing there is always hope and the want and need for love.

Billy has found a different kind of second chance: Billy returned to Springfield after prison. He is a transplant citizen so why did her come back here instead of Oklahoma where he is from? Billy explains, in Springfield everyone has made mistakes and knows it. Rather than turning their back on you they stick their hand out to help. They accept you as you are.

Buzz can’t stop worrying about Frank who is spiraling out of control from his hurt over marina’s kidnapping. Frank feels helpless and angry. His anger boils over alone in his office. Buzz realizes other than Marina being returned safe and sound just what Frank needs. Friends and good company.

Finally Buzz interviews himself. That is what Springfield is, a special place to find second chances, redemption, long lost children, love, and each other. All of them are in this life of ups and downs together.

Desperate to help ease his son’s pain Buzz asks all of their friends and neighbors to gather at Company to show their support and love for Frank and Marina. Frank walks in frustrated and mad but embraces the love and support that is offered in hugs and toasts.

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