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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/2/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Natalia is trying so hard to find a job but is turned down everywhere she goes. Rafe would like to see his mom take it easy for once and enjoy the life they have for now. Natalia can’t not pay her own way through life. With that said she wants Rafe to get a job as well. While they debate that matter Rafe checks his blood sugar. A representative from the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation sees him and makes him an offer he or his mother can refuse. Rafe is asked to go to local school and hospitals to mentor and be a role model for young children and teens who have been diagnosed as diabetic. Rafe doesn’t think it is such a good idea at first but comes around after meeting an 8-year-old boy. Rafe is really enjoying having a younger sibling like person that looks up to him. Natalia continues her search for a job and in between filling out applications she steps in and saves Remy from Lola who is all over him. Mel has set up a lunch date for her brother and Lola believing they got a long well. Remy freaks out. Lola has been stalking him and is way too aggressive. Luckily Natalia helps out. To thank her Remy wants her to blow off job looking for today and spend some quality time with him. Natalia tells Remy about Alan kissing her he is angry though she thinks it was all just a misunderstanding.

Reva’s guilt is getting to her. She feels bad about the man she and Alan killed and for hurting Jeffrey. Alan tries to convince her to just stay quiet for now. Reva isn’t so sure that is the best plan of attack after they read that the body has been found. Reva’s conscience, fear, and worry go into overdrive. Alan maintains she needs to keep her distance for O’Neil and her lips sealed.

Reva slips out and asks Jeffrey to meet her at Company. Jeffrey knows something is up and begs her to just trust him enough to let him help. Reva is ready to tell, she can’t keep her secret any longer….. Or maybe she can.

Daisy’s pregnancy test come back positive. Daisy is numb and emotional about the news. She has really screwed up big time. Daisy tries to focus and come to terms with the news before anyone finds out. Daisy wonders into company but when she makes eye-contact with Reva she bolts. Reva was just on the verge of telling Jeffrey what she and Alan had done but instead runs after Daisy who is obviously distressed. Reva catches up to her. Daisy can’t speak she is crying so hysterically. They sit on a bench and Reva promises there isn’t anything that Daisy could tell her that they can’t figure out a way to fix. “I’m pregnant.” Daisy tells her grandmother. Reva is at a loss for words. She just holds daisy while she wraps her mind around the startling news.

Ava plucks away at Doris convincing her that Coop is a player and will only use and abuse Ashlee. Doris believes she and Ashlee are closer than ever, as a matter of fact they have plans later today. Ava bets Doris that Ashlee will cancel in order to do something with Coop.

Coop invites Ashlee to go away somewhere with him but there’s a weird reason why. Coop explains he and Marina have always been close and when they were kids they picked a place that would be a safe haven if one was ever in trouble. The idea was the other one would meet at this place. Coop knows it sounds silly but he is holding onto any shred of hope maybe Marina will get free of her kidnappers and go there where she knows she will be safe and Coop will come to help. Ashlee agrees to go. They kiss which is witnessed by Doris . Ashlee doesn’t see Doris watching when she runs off to pack for their trip but Coop does. He tells the DA that he is glad she saw it and maybe now Doris will see how much Ashlee means to him. Doris is beginning to feel Coop is a thorn in her side.

Ava is waiting in the hall when Ashlee arrives home to pack. Ava is acting too friendly and hints that Coop took her away one time to get what he wanted and then they broke up when they got home. Ava just happened to leave out the part that she dropped Coop like a bad habit when Alan Michael showed interest in her. Ava’s innuendo worked, Ashlee is now having doubts about leaving town with Coop.

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