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Guiding Light Update Monday 10/1/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

What’s it going to be?! Natalia demands to know from Gus. He either makes a life with her and their son and let his marriage go or he let her live her own life. There is no more in between for Gus. Before he can answer Gus runs off to NY in hopes of helping and being with Harley. It’s a good thing to because Harley has been locked in the apartment by Cyrus. Harley tries to free herself but it is no use. The door is locked from the outside. When some slowly opens the door Harley grabs a steel rod and is ready to hit the intruder. It’s Gus! Harley is embarrassed Cyrus got away and worried about Marina. Gus and Harley almost kiss but Cyrus returns. He even has the money in the briefcase.

Cyrus explains after he left the apartment he went off with a girl he knows is on Griggs payroll. He won her trust and got Griggs personal cell number. From here he plans to have the police track the location of the cell and he and Harley will go get Griggs and Marina. Harley likes the idea though she is hesitant to trust him again. Cyrus points out he has come back twice. Cyrus’ only concern is getting Marina back. Harley send Gus home to get to work on tracking the phone. Harley and Cyrus wait until they have a location. While they wait Cyrus and Harley talk about love. The ups, the downs. The pit-falls the rewards. In the end they both know true love conquers all.

At home Gus is confronted with a possible life or death situation concerning Rafe. But first let’s back up. Natalia asks a nurse about any job openings at the hospital for nights and weekends. The nurse takes her name and number. Natalia asks Rick if she can use him as a reference. Of course, Rick tells her but he has another matter to talk to her about. Rafe’s diabetes. The doctor that Alan sent Rafe to see is an old med school chum of Rick’s. He believes Rafe would be an excellent candidate for cell transplant. It would greatly improve the way of life Rafe has now. No more needles. Natalia is thrilled for her son.

Daisy brings Rafe to her father’s room who is out of town. They do study but they steal kisses in between questions. The two are committed to doing well in school. Daisy becomes concerned when she learns today is the first. She blows it off and they get back to studying. Natalia lets herself into the room. Dylan had given word to the doorman to contact Natalia if the kids tried anything. Daisy is sick and while in the bathroom Natalia tells Rafe about the procedure. Rafe refuses it.

Rafe goes home to talk to Gus but Natalia stays behind with Daisy. Natalia wants to see both kids go to college and make something of their lives. Natalia returns home shortly after Rafe to find he and Gus in a heated debate over getting the cell transplant. Natalia and Gus only want what is the best for him and this procedure could be that. Reluctant Rafe agrees to have the transplant.

While Gus was convincing his son to have a risky procedure, Harley and Cyrus wait. Harley finds it peculiar that Gus hasn’t called yet.

Daisy begins to do the math and recognize her symptoms. She goes to the hospital and asks a nurse when is the earliest they could detect a pregnancy.

Josh regrets making an ass of himself in front of the church board. He has resigned himself to the fact he didn’t get the job and quite possible he isn’t meant to be a minister. Cassie tries to give him encouragement but it isn’t looking good. Cassie promises she and RJ will move wherever they have to in order to support him at another church. Josh is touched. They make love.

Now in a better mood, Josh receives a call from Mr. Proctor. He asks to meet with Cassie and Josh. Josh doesn’t see the need, but they go to Company to be polite. Waiting for the bad news, both Josh and Cassie are surprised to hear they would be honored if Josh led their church.

High on congratulations and the feeling anything can happen, Cassie wants a child with Josh now more than ever. Josh grows quiet. Cassie asks for his honesty. Josh tells his new wife that he doesn’t want a new baby now. He is more concerned and focused on the family he already has and his new extended church family. Cassie is hurt that he doesn’t want to have a baby with her.

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