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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/28/07

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Written By Dani

Cassie feels that Josh has been avoiding her after she asked him if they could have a baby. Before Josh can answer they get some good news. Rev. Rutledge has been offered a wonderful position in Chicago and they need a replacement at the church in Springfield. Rev. Rutledge would like that person to be Josh. Josh is flattered and nervous. Before it can be made official Josh must go before the church board to get their approval. Rev. Rutledge sets it up. The board consists of three members, all stuffy, stiff humorless individuals. Josh tries to joke with them but after reviewing his file they don’t find him funny. Josh is reminded of the many sins he has committed.

Josh goes to Billy who starts off supportive but then argumentative. Billy thinks Josh should fight for the position not just give up. Billy gets Josh all fired up and sends him back out there to confront the board. Josh returns to Company and tells each of them that yes he has sinned but he is a good person that loves his family. Family is the most important because that is what a church is, a giant family, through the good and the bad in life. Just as Josh is wrapping up his speech Cassie steps up behind him. She had already spoken with the board and smoothed things over.

Alexandra’s family waits for word on her condition. Alan answers a call to her cell phone from Griggs who is threatening marina’s life if he doesn’t get the money Alexandra owes him. Alan decides to take over where his sister has very sloppily left off. At one point Natalia walks in on Alan talking to Griggs. Alan covers by claiming to be refusing an interview with a tabloid reporter. Natalia cannot believe the nerve that someone would pry at such a private time. She wants to call them back and curse them out. Alan is moved by her devotion to the wellbeing of the family. He kisses her. Gus just happens to be walking by and sees it. Natalia pulls away and Alan realizes his mistake. Gus is ready to hang Natalia and Alan out to dry but she defends Alan claiming he is really having a hard time and doesn’t know what he is doing.

Gus doesn’t let it go at that and continues to try and dictate Natalie’s love life. Natalia calls him out on it and wants to know now, just exactly what it is Gus wants. He can’t have Harley and tell Natalia who she can date.

At the police station Harley is ready to act on the tip Cyrus got claiming Griggs is in New York. Frank doesn’t think he should let Harley and Cyrus go together. Cyrus and Frank argue and physically fight at some points. Finally Harley takes it upon herself to go to Gus for help. Cyrus has a plan but they need one million dollars to flush Griggs out. Gus agrees to help for Marina and for Harley. Gus goes to Alan who hands over the money rather quickly. As soon as Alan makes the transfer he calls Griggs to give him a heads up.

In NY Harley and Cyrus knit-pick over every little detail. Both want to be in charge and both want to call the shots. Harley pulls rank and decides she will be the one to go into the apartment to make the drop. The door opens when she knocks. Harley enters only to be knocked out. Cyrus rushes in and fights with a masked man. The man gets away.

They know someone tipped Griggs off but who. Cyrus thinks the perpetrators made Harley for a cop. She is so sick of hearing how everyone can make her. Harley searches the room for a disguise while complaining about Cyrus. When she turns around Cyrus is gone and the ankle monitor is hanging on the door knob. The million dollars they were carrying is also gone.

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