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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/27/07

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Written By Dani

Daisy and Rafe meet up at Company in secret. Reva catches them. Reva isn’t too harsh on them until Rafe back talks her and gives her attitude. Wrong thing to do! Reva turns her sights on Rafe and only Rafe. She threatens him with Dylan and tells Rafe exactly what she thinks of him. Natalia jumps to defend Rafe but she is quickly put in her place. Natalia thinks she will get the moral upper hand and last word as she does with Harley. But guess again, this is Reva Shane the Cadillac of fast talkers. Reva goes ahead and puts Natalia in her prospective place as well. Seeing that she has not won this battle Natalia takes Rafe to hang flyers about Marina.

Reva and Daisy have a talk about sex and love. Daisy tries to identify with Reva using Josh as an example but that isn’t what breaks her grandmother. Daisy asks about the forbidden love of Jonathan and Tammy that she has heard so much about. Reva can’t hold back the tears, and concedes there was a love no one accepted but they found happiness no matter how short lived it may have been.

Reva sends Rafe a text asking him to meet at the docks. Reva and Daisy go meet Rafe. She tears up again as she tells them that Daisy reminded her of a good true love. A love that she helped grow when she bought the property here at the docks for Jonathan and Tammy. Rafe and Daisy are overjoyed. Reva sets some ground rules. This isn’t just a place to come and have sex. This is for them to come and be together. To grow as a couple. But first and foremost they have to respect their parents, school, and each other.

Cyrus tries to help Alexandra who is still hurt and angry with him. He also is very busy trying to help in the investigation for Marina. Cyrus will be partnering with Harley although she and Gus are suppose to be working together. Gus puts up a fight wanting to work with her rather than Mallet but Harley’s mind is made up. Gus’ argument falls on deaf unemotional ears. Gus decides to work from the house while Harley and Cyrus go to the station to begin checking on leads. Cyrus gets a tip that Griggs was seen in New York by a former associate. Cyrus remembers a safe house that Griggs one used in New York.

Cyrus and Harley aren’t the only ones who know now that Griggs has Marina in New York. Alan gets a call from a harbor master in NY. The Spaulding boat slip is being occupied. Alan confronts Alex in a brotherly way, he knows that she is the master mind behind Marina’s kidnapping.. Alex tries to play dumb but she comes clean to Alan. Alan offers his help in any way, if she needs it. Alex cuts the conversation and Alan’s judgments short so she may wallow in self-pity and drink away a recurring pain she is having.

Griggs is pressuring Alex to come through with more money in order to pay for his services and finance keeping Marina out of sight. Griggs wants his money today! Alex works with the bank to get the extra funds, but the bank isn’t willing to cooperate this soon after the theft from the account. Gus interrupts her business with the bank. They talk about her forgiving Cyrus and what a strong woman she is. Every time the subject of Marina and Cyrus comes up, Alexandra suffers great pain. This time she collapses onto the desk after complaining of a cramp. Gus rushes her to the emergency room. Alan and Natalia join Gus. The doctor determines she has a blood clot that started in her leg most likely and is now in her lung. This was treatable but now it has moved into a vital area and her condition could be critical.

Griggs calls Alex’s cell phone looking for his money when he learns there hasn’t been any activity on his account. He threatens her and Marina if she is playing him. Alex’s phone is sealed away in a bag of her personal belongings the doctor took from her when she was admitted.

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