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Written By Dani


Determined to get her life back in order Dinah concentrates on her focus. If she doesn’t constantly focus on one thing at a time she can’t do or say anything. Anything except con people and lie that is. Dinah remembers insignificant things from her past and tries to juggle something she was once good at. She becomes frustrated that she remembers stupid things and struggles with simple and important items. The doctor tells Dinah that she has reached a plateau in her recovery and she needs to continue with her exercises. He teaches her a new way of dealing with things. Start from the end and work your way backwards. In the beginning Dinah thinks it is stupid but comes to understand the practice does work for her.

Dinah tells a window washer on Main Street about her problems and sins. He doesn’t really understand why this strange woman is telling him this but Dinah feels better talking to strangers. Lucky for the window washer Cassie interrupts dragging Dinah away with news. She tells Dinah that Marina has been kidnapped by Griggs.

Impulsively Dinah goes to the police station to help Mallet. At the station she hears Frank and Mallet arguing over Mallet going into the field to assist in locating Marina and Griggs. Frank is concerned about what Mallet may do if he finds Griggs first. Dinah feels like she once again is the cause Mallet is being put on the back burner at work.

Mallet tries to convince frank to let him go by almost confessing to his past relationship with Griggs but Dinah walks in saving Mallet from himself. Mallet is glad to see her and tries to make sense of what she did with Matt. Dinah tells him again how she hates the way he constantly treats her like a child and damaged goods. All Mallet wants to do is keep her safe and happy. He loves her and he doesn’t want to lose her. Dinah walks away from him and their marriage believing she is doing the right thing for him. Later Dinah comes to their room to pack her things but finds AC in a struggle with two men that work for Griggs. Dinah is paralyzed she cannot think of anything to do to keep her husband safe. Finally Dinah decides to try using the work back from the end. As the thugs drag Mallet to the balcony to throw him over she runs to a note pad scribbling until she comes up with a plan. Dinah goes over the balcony with Mallet. They both land in a laundry cart that is sitting below the balcony. After narrowly escaping mallet tries again to convince Dinah not to throw their life together away.

Dinah goes to Cyrus to get the money he owes her. Cyrus is more concerned about Marina than any of the money. He gives Dinah the lap top telling her if she can find it she can have it. Dinah works to locate the money in the laptop but she just isn’t sharp enough. When she witnesses Lizzie reaming two Lewis employees out Dinah asks her for help.

Lizzie hears Dinah plan and problem out but tells her she is not going to help her steal the money. Dinah tells Lizzie she is really on top of her game when she is being bad. She is flawless when lying or trying to get something that is not hers.

Dinah goes to the room again to pack her things and move out this time there aren’t any thugs. She is alone at first but Mallet comes home. He doesn’t want her to go. She asks him to help her pack and he refuses. Lizzie knocks at the door right after Mallet walks out. Lizzie thought about it and she is going to help Dinah but not help her steal the money. Lizzie found a good side of herself when Billy hired her at Lewis and there within the company they are a big happy group of misfits. Lizzie is going to hire Dinah at Lewis. Dinah likes the idea a way to reclaim her old self and positive self-esteem.

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