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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/25/07

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Written By Dani

Cassie and Josh are lost in their own moment of long-awaited bliss while Springfield is being fleeced by Cyrus and in a frenzy to locate Marina.

Though reporters are camping outside of their room at the Beacon Cassie and Josh are determined to make a break so they can make their marriage legal. Josh doesn’t see how it is going to be possible but Cassie has a plan. Cassie wants to shimmy down the side of the building since they are only on the second floor. Josh is up for the adventure and they get away without detection. At the police station they get all of the needed paperwork. All that is left is their signatures. In a room alone they sign the papers without much incident. After signing the papers they happily walk home by way of Main Street as man and wife.

Beth reads snippets from the newspaper about the Spaulding party. She wants to go although Rick wants to stay as far away from anything Spaulding as possible. Rick gives in and agrees to go. Beth and Rick are walking to the Spaulding party when Beth goes into premature labor. Josh and Cassie jump right in as the dutiful God-parents that they are and help get her to the hospital safely.

At the hospital while the doctor is with Beth Rick calls Alan just in case the truth may need to come out for the baby’s sake. Cassie and Josh witness the selfless act. Luckily it doesn’t come to Alan learning the truth about the paternity of the baby. Baby and Beth are both fine. Beth overhears rick make a mysterious call to Alan. When the coast is clear she is curious why Rick called Alan. Rick lies claiming he wanted to use the Spaulding helicopter if need be.

Josh worries Rick’s call to Alan stirred up Cassie’s feelings of hate for Alan. Cassie admits she hates Alan and always will but she knows that Rick is the right father for Beth’s baby girl.

Alex is realizing Cyrus has hung her out to dry. Alex makes excuses for her wayward husband when party guests, donors, and frank begin to question the missing money and Cyrus’ whereabouts. Alex knows the truth. Buzz stands by his friends side until he learns marina is missing. When it is apparent there has been some unsavory behavior and happenings with the donation money Alexandra faces facts. Cyrus robbed them all blind and left her in his dust. Alex pushes her hurt down to deal with Cyrus after he is arrested.

Harley just happens to row up in a boat as Cyrus swims after the fleeing boat driven by Griggs containing Marina bound and gagged. Cyrus yells for his lost love but the boat speeds off into the distance. Harley places Cyrus under arrest after he tells her exactly what happened. Cyrus tells of his partnership with Griggs the mystery man that shot Dinah and their scam. Cyrus doesn’t understand how his plan to runaway with Marina turned to kidnapping.

Harley and Frank work the case from the police angle while Buzz and the family worry about the fate of their beloved Marina. Frank’s emotions are impairing his ability to dictate his police force. Harley keeps a level head. She is going to work the field while frank keeps order at the station and with operations.

Cyrus is held in a cell. He begs to be let out promising that he can find Marina. When no one will let him out Cyrus destroys everything in the cell. Alex wheels herself in. An officer lets her into Cyrus’ cell. He begins with an apology and she slaps him across the face. Alex isn’t interested in his excuses, lies, or apologies. Alex lets in on Cyrus for hurting and betraying her but she is willing to help. Alexandra offers frank and the Springfield PD full access to all of Spaulding’s resources to help get marina home safe and sound. Cyrus is in disbelief that Alex would help after what he did and grateful.

Harley wants to let Cyrus go in hopes he will lead them to Griggs and/or Marina. Frank is hesitant.

Buzz feels guilty for giving Marina the advice to follow her heart. Daisy helps Buzz to feel better. Daisy can relate to marina’s misguided or misunderstood feelings for Cyrus. She is experiencing the same thing with Rafe. Buzz thinks none of this would have happened if he had not told Marina to go with her heart and reach out for love. Daisy turns Buzz’s advice around. Maybe marina needed just one person in her corner and on her side. Buzz remembers how much he loved Jena and Daisy’s twist on his advice to Marina gives him hope for his missing grand-daughter.

When Griggs has Marina out in the middle of nowhere, he makes a call. Apparently Griggs has another partner other than Cyrus. Griggs wants to know what to do with Marina now that he’s got her. On the other end of the line Alexandra tells him to just hold on to her for now. And the plot thickens……..

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