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Guiding Light Update Monday 9/24/07

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Written By Dani

Mallet punches Matt who fights back when Mallet finds him kissing Dinah. The fight becomes quite intense. Matt and AC are all over the docks. Dinah and Vanessa break up the fight. Dinah has an emotional break down claiming that she turned to Matt in more ways than just as a friend because of how Mallet makes her feel . Dinah blasts AC for treating her like a child and making her feel worthless. Mallet, Vanessa and Matt listen to Dinah’s weeping banter about how she has been treated. Dinah orders Vanessa and Mallet to leave so she can be alone with the only person who treats her like a normal person. Mallet is crushed. He goes to Company to drink. Vanessa joins him and explains the pain will ease in time. Vanessa is surprised when Mallet doesn’t blame Dinah at all. She is sick with a head injury he reminds Vanessa as if she should feel the same way. Mallet call Dinah asking her to meet him at company.

Dinah is angry with herself for hurting Mallet but feels she actually saved him. She is very sorry for deceiving Matt as well. Matt stands by Dinah even though she set him up. Dinah tells Matt that she had to do something because Mallet’s life is being destroyed over her and her medical bills. Matt figured out that it was a set up about half way through her performance and understands why she did what she did after Dinah tells Matt about the stolen money.

Ava and Doris meet to go to the party together. Doris has arranged for a camera crew to accompany them and get footage of her at the party. Ava tells Doris about her date for the party. Doris flies mad and demands that Ava cancel her date. Ava tries to get to the root of what Ashlee is hiding from Doris but she doesn’t betray her daughter, not yet at least.

Ava doesn’t cancel the date and is glad to find Jack Summers waiting on her when she and Doris arrive. Coop and Ashlee are having a very good time. Ashlee is finally finding happiness. Coop introduces her to people and the press as his girlfriend. Ashlee’s happiness doesn’t last long when Ava is so pleased with herself she quickly shows off her date talking to Coop. Ava watches Ashlee’s discomfort at the party. Coop can’t believe Ava could stoop so low to bring a monster from Ashlee’s past to the party.

Doris is furious with Ava for bringing Jack into Ashlee’s life again. Doris drags Jack out of the party. Outside Jack confronts Doris for setting him up years before only because she was jealous about how close Ashlee was to him. Jack reminds Doris he knows all about her and how she sets up and sends people to jail who get close to Ashlee. Doris threatens to send Jack back to prison. He assures her he isn’t going to mess with her and mumbles his sympathies for Ashlee’s new boyfriend. Ava overhears and Doris admits that she did set Jack up. Ava and Doris form an alliance to each get what they want. Coop out of Ashlee’s life.

Cyrus believes Marina is going to arrest him now that she has his plan figured out but Marina gives him an option. Cyrus can’t have the money and her, he must chose. Cyrus tries to talk her out giving all the money back. He wants to sell her on how wonderful their life will be and they will be set up for life if they keep the money. Marina won’t agree to leaving with him if he steals all those people’s money. Cyrus decides she is more important than the money.

Alex is so busy making the rounds with the guests she can’t keep up with her husband. Buzz dutifully stays by Alex’s side to show his support and thanks for helping his campaign. Now ready to run away together Marina goes home to pack and Cyrus goes to stop Griggs from transferring the money. Cyrus rushes in snatching the laptop with all of the account information. Cyrus claims that the cops are on to them and they must wait for another opportunity. Griggs immediately believes Marina is the problem. Before going to the boat to meet Marina Cyrus refuses to be poor. He transfers the money into his account, double-crossing Griggs.

Marina tries to say good-bye to her grandfather and father but can’t come right out and tell them that she is running away with Cyrus. Marina tells Frank she is going to California to visit a girlfriend. She is very emotional when she tells him good-bye. It sounds more like a permanent good-bye but she promises she isn’t moving to California.

Griggs knows that Cyrus won’t let that much money go not even for Marina. He kidnaps Marina at the docks when she arrives to meet Cyrus. Marina tries to struggle and run but Griggs pushes her into Cyrus’ waiting boat. Cyrus tries to stop them from driving off in his boat but Griggs is too fast. Cyrus jumps into the water to swim after the boat but there is no use, they are gone.

Marina’s kidnapping isn’t the only problem Cyrus has. Guests at the party begin to figure out their bank accounts have been compromised. Alex is forced to face the music alone.

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