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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/21/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures By Suzanne

Itís party time! Springfield citizens get dressed for a big evening out. Each person has their own hopes and expectations for the evening. Guests arrive for the Spaulding fundraiser. Alexandra is enjoying her time in the spotlight with the dutiful and supposedly loyal Cyrus by her side. She isnít quite used to being the head of the family but is adjusting by the passing moments. Everyone is having a good time despite the drama in each guestsí life.

Marina and Harley are on police detail to cover the event while Frank is left behind to log evidence. Frank discovers missing money from the sack of cash . He searches Malletís desk and finds the missing money. Frank goes to confront Mallet. A.C. and Dinah are having the best time theyíve had in a long time. Even when Dinah sees Vanessa with Billy she doesnít let it get her down. Dinah does call Matt to warn him to reconsider coming to the gala. Matt decides to come only he is going to arrive drunk.

Near the end of the evening, Dinah overhears as Mallet begs for forgiveness and tries to explain how desperate he is to Frank ,who is furious. Dinah feels horrible, she must do something. Something drastic. Mattís idea to attend the party to have a good time blows up in his face. Matt arrives drunk and tries to cause trouble for Vanessa and Billy who are enjoying each otherís company as friends. Vanessa tells Billy who is still struggling with his sobriety that she likes and respects the man he has become. Billy feels guilty knowing he is still drinking and keeping it from everyone who trusts him. Billy feels worse when Matt tries to cause trouble with Vanessa and Billy has to break it up recognizing that Matt could very well be him. Matt storms away from the party when Vanessa tells him with disgust to go sober up.

Dinah stops Matt and claims to have decided to peruse her feelings for him. She loves Mallet, she explains, but she doesnít want to not give her and Matt a chance. Dinah tips a waiter to go find Mallet and bring him to the docks where she and Matt are talking. Matt is intrigued by her feelings and the feelings he has been having since they have gotten closer. When Mallet arrives looking for Dinah he finds her pinned to the wall by a shirtless Matt that is kissing her. Mallet is confused, hurt, and stunned. Dinah just looks over Mattís bare shoulder at her crushed husband.

Seeing Matt drunk gets to Billy; he knows he hasnít changed like Vanessa thinks. Billy leaves Vanessa at the party and goes to his room to drink.

Gus glares at Alan and Natalia as they mingle at the party together. He tries to speak to both of them about being out together but neither want to have this particular conversation with him tonight for the sake of having a good time. Alan accuses Gus of being jealous. Gus denies it but makes quite a show of dancing with Natalia for Alanís benefit. Gus and Natalia have moments of enjoyment and comfort with their company but Harley is always lurking in the back ground working. Gus tries to talk to her but Harley doesnít feel there is anything to say. Gus offers to help her with Daisy but she turns his support down.

Marina slinks around the party trying to figure out how Cyrus plans to rob the Spauldings. Cyrus prepares to make his escape with Marina who still wonít commit to leaving with him. Before the party he loads suitcases on the boat for their escape and makes last minute preparations with Griggs to ensure they can access bank accounts of the rich guests. Cyrus tries every chance he gets to talk Marina to just giving into her heart and running away with him. She listens but doesnít offer a definitive answer. Cyrus is so sure she will give in he is swiping bottles of Champagne to store on the boat for their two-person celebration. Harley catches him and lectures him for toying with marina and Alexandraís hearts. Cyrus listens unsure of what Harley knows but when it is apparent she is taking her personal life out on him he lets her vent.

Cyrus tries to be helpful to the lady in charge of collecting and recording the donations. He reads each checkís name, routing and account numbers off. Griggs is in a room at the Beacon just as they planned recording the information.

Marina finally catches on. The Spauldings are one thing, she tells Cyrus but to steal from everyone in the room, that is another. Marina holds Cyrus at gunpoint, unable to let him get away with stealing from so many people.

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