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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/20/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures By Suzanne

Today is the day of the big Spaulding charity fundraising party. Everyone is getting prepared for the evening but no one as much as Cyrus and Alexandra. Alex has another big surprise in store other than being the hostess with the mostest , and Iím not talking about her husband robbing her blind. Ava is the first to tell Alex about Alan stepping down and making her CEO of Spaulding. Alex is stunned by the slip of the tongue by Ava who herself is shocked that Alexandra didnít already know. Alex accepts the position with little to no question. This news only adds to Alexandraís already great mood. She canít wait to share the good news with her husband who canít seem to be found at the moment. Before Cyrus arrives home Buzz visits with flowers and well wishes for a successful fundraiser. Alexandra is grateful for the offering of support and friendship.

Between making the final preparations with Griggs to cipher party guests money from their accounts and staying cozy with his wife, Cyrus finds time to drop in on Marina to give her the meet time and location for them to run away after the party. Oh, and make love to her. Marina still hasnít decided if she is willing to throw her life in Springfield away and abandon her family all for the sake of love that may or may not last. Cyrus is confident in what they have and doesnít question the decision she will make. Marina does love her life, family, and friends she has in town and doesnít want to leave it knowing visiting will not be an option. Marina feels as though she must give up everything no matter what she decides.

Buzz doesnít do much for keeping her around when he tells her that he would do anything for love and the times he had with Jenna were the best of his life. Marina seeks her grandfathers hot cocoa made with love grandeur ideas of love and sacrifice. Buzz promises to always make time for his family and her even if he is the busy mayor.

Could Cyrus and Griggs gig be up? Cyrus is on the phone with Griggs and learns he is standing in the room the party will be held. Alex catches Griggs in the party hall and wants to know who he is. Before calling the police Alexandra is surprised when Griggs leaves it to Cyrus to answer to Alex.

Billy and Lizzie seem to be dodging lawsuits and criminal charges for the collapsed building which is good for today. Lizzie and Billy talk like high school kids about his growing affection for Vanessa. Billy feels renewed and anxious like to start dating Vanessa again. Lizzie urges Billy to ask Vanessa to the Spaulding Gala. He starts with asking her to coffee and slowly works his way into asking the question he really wanted to ask. When he finally gets around to asking Vanessa she accepts just before Matt causes a scene and announcing he is dating too. Lizzie tried to stop Matt from seeing Vanessa and Billy getting close but she wasnít fast enough on her feet. Vanessa puts Matt in his place when he yells slanderous accusations about her and Billy dating. Matt has news for his soon-to-be ex-wife, he is already dating.

Dinah has a bad episode at Company after trying to convince Mallet that she can help with their debts. Dinah insists on paying for lunch but when she canít count the money an impatient customer calls her stupid. The incident leaves her and Mallet down in the dumps and more desperate for a solution to their problems. Mallet feels Dinah needs his attention and calls the station to let them know he will be late. To add to the issue Frank is forced to write Mallet up when he is missing work assignments and calling out of work to sit with Dinah. Luckily matt arrives and offers to drive Dinah home, Mallet accepts the offer. Matt drives Dinah back to the Beacon where he draws the wrong conclusion from their relationship. Matt thinks his and Dinahís feelings are mutual and pretty hot, especially after the kiss they shared. Dinah is quick to let matt know that mallet is the only man for her and she will be with him as long as she can. Matt hitís a nerve when he states ďHow can you compete with that. A guy that loves you so much he will sacrifice everything.ď Mallet returns to the police station where he hides the stolen evidence money deeper in his desk drawer. Mallet doesnít like the dark place that his mind is going and what he is getting ready to do but feels he has no choice.

Mallet decides to pass on work for the night and buys Dinah a cocktail dress. She loves the dress but fears it is an expense they canít afford. More medical bills arrived today. A.C. tucks them away in the desk to deal with later. He promises everything is going to be okay and just for tonight he wants it to be just them. A.C. wants to take Dinah to the Spaulding Gala and have a good time the way they used to.

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