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Written By Dani

“Strange Bedfellows”

Reva is tormented by nightmares that Alan and some mysterious person is after her. She dreams that she hears noises in the house and opens the front door only to be shot. Jeffrey tries to comfort her and let her know everything is okay. Shaken by the dream she goes back to bed with Jeffrey but her skittish behavior follows her into the next day. Reva’s grasp on day to day and even one moment to the next is slipping as she struggles to suppress the memories of what she and Alan did. Hoping to find relief Reva goes to Reverend Rutledge’s room to confess and find guidance but what, or who, she finds instead only adds to her angst. Josh opens the door and his heart to listen to what is troubling Reva but she just can’t bring herself to open up to him. Reva asks an odd question of Josh. Does he think she is a good person. Of course, misguided at times and certainly not perfect but who is. With all her faults aside Reva has a heart the size of Oklahoma he tells her. Reva wants to open up to the man she trusts most in the world but the words just won’t come out. Reva tries confessing to a complete stranger while sipping Bloody Mary’s but this doesn’t work either.

Paranoia begin to eat away at Reva. Lies are catching up with her as well when Jeffrey run into her when she is suppose to be at a meeting. Reva lies to cover the lie she had told earlier but Jeffrey knows she is covering more than just where she has been today.

Alan can see Reva is coming unraveled and both of their futures could be at stake so he steps in as a preemptive strike. First faking a heart attack just seconds before Reva is about to tell Jeffrey everything. Reva turns to Jeffrey just before Alan intervenes and says with tears in her eyes “I think I may need a lawyer.“ Jeffrey feels he is finally going to get to the bottom of Alan and Reva’s bizarre behavior and kinship but Alan wins. Reva doesn’t get a chance to say anything. Reva acts as though she is concerned and rushes off with Alan to seek treatment for his failing heart. She knows it was just an act but she also realizes she almost blew it by telling Jeffrey what they did. Now comfortable at home and away from Jeffrey’s accusing glares Alan can think off only one solution to prevent Reva from confessing Reva will move into the Spaulding Mansion. Racked with guilt for lying to Jeffrey now and keeping her and Alan’s secret Reva agrees. She goes home to break the news to her new roommate.

Jeffrey fights for the truth and for their love but Reva is hell bent on leaving. Reva tries to hide behind signing the divorce papers as an excuse but Jeffrey only offers support and comfort. When she refuses to stay and work on their relationship and her feelings Jeffrey is more determined and believes more than ever that Alan has something on Reva and he is going to find out what it is.

Cassie has her own feelings about Reva moving into the enemy camp. Now not only is Reva losing her freedom, mind and man she is going to lose her sister as well. Cassie gives Reva an ultimatum, move in with Alan and lose me for good. It breaks Reva’s heart on so many level’s but she knows what she has to do, at least until the coast is clear.

Cassie makes a poor attempt at threatening Alan if he hurts Reva but it is just her usual banter.

Reva can’t sleep and feels imprisoned by Alan physically and emotionally. She joins Alan in the study for a drink and they talk. First about keeping their secret then about the what-it’s surrounding their past relationship and future together. The future. They are now tied together forever though neither one trusts the other. They must live like this until it is safe to go about their normal lives or one kills the other.

Alan is putting up a brave front and trying to keep himself emerged in business and keeping his new family together; but he is having his own bout with worry over the sin they committed while out of town. Alan longs for the one person in the world he could trust, Phillip. Maybe someday he will find that trust in someone again, he hopes as he tears up the flight plan from the Spaulding jet.

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