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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/18/07

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Written By Dani

Daisy tries in vane to reach Rafe but Natalia and Gus have him on lock down. Daisy tells Ashlee what it was like being with Rafe for the first time. She is floating on cloud nine as she recalls how wonderful it was to make love to Rafe. Then she complains about the humiliation that followed when they were discovered by Harley. Ashlee listens as Daisy recounts Harley’s reaction and then being forced to face Gus and Natalia. Ashlee is acting very nervous but she tries to listen like a good friend. Rafe sneaks and calls Daisy but Natalia catches him. They argue and Gus intervenes. Gus has moved into the mansion to help keep a closer eye on Rafe. Natalia doesn’t think it is the best idea at first that Gus move in, especially when he is going to be in the room next to hers. Natalia eases up realizing this can’t be easy on Gus either. Alan interrupts with concerns over Rafe who seems to be upset. Gus fills Alan in on what Rafe and Daisy did. Gus fully expects Alan to commend the boy but Alan reacts quite differently. He is ready to lock Rafe up and throw away the key. Alan doesn’t want to see another Spaulding man sucked in and destroyed by a Cooper woman. Gus takes offence and defends Harley and Daisy. The fight in the hall between Natalia and Rafe bring an end to their conversation over Rafe future and welfare.

Ashlee goes to the docks to be alone with her thoughts after hearing her best friend speak of sex being wonderful and loving. Ashlee is very emotional and becomes even more so when Alan startles her. Ashlee becomes scared but stays and talks with Alan. Both speak about random almost hypothetical ideas and feelings each having their own agenda and point.

Rafe, Natalia, and Gus are on Main Street when Rafe and Daisy see one another. They run into each other’s arms and Gus and Natalia have to break them up. Daisy and Rafe try to argue their case and their love but Gus and Natalia will not hear of it. When they return home Alan catches Rafe trying to pay off the maid for phone privileges. Rafe expects another lecture but Alan offers his support in secret. Alan encourages his grandson to go after women and enjoy what life has to offer just stay away from the Cooper women. But if Rafe must, there is a phone in Alan’s bedroom, wink, wink. Secretly Rafe and Daisy meet at the docks where they promise nothing or no one will keep them apart.

Alan has bigger problems than Rafe and Gus at the moment. Jeffrey O’Neil. Alan learns that Jeffrey has been questioning various staff members about his whereabouts during the “lost days” he and Reva were out of town. Alan hopes Reva can head off any further investigating on Jeffrey’s part and tells her that Jeffrey can’t get any closer or he may learn the truth. Reva works hard to diffuse the inquisition but Jeffrey won’t give up. They make love after an awards ceremony in Reva’s honor then he slips out to do some more investigating. Reva awakes desperate to track Jeffrey down and stop him but it is too late.

Jeffrey met with Alan’s pilot who luckily for Alan and Reva was too loyal to Alan to reveal anything about their time away. The pilot calls Alan just after walking out on Jeffrey. Alan is furious to learn Jeffrey is in search of the flight plans from his recent travels. After Natalia calms him down before going on a date with Remy Alan decides there is only one thing to do. He calls Reva ordering her to end her relationship with Jeffrey before it is too late. Reva knows Alan is right, she’s got to stop Jeffrey from learning that she and Alan killed someone.

To thank Natalia for being so rational and level headed during his moment of fury Alan insists that Natalia accompany him to the Spaulding Diabetes Gala. She accepts.

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