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Written By Dani

Ava is determined to dig up dirt on Ashlee no matter the cost. When her falsified friendship with Ashlee is found out by the mysterious man from Clayton, Ashlee’s home town. Ava uses another way to get close to Jack Summers, her sexuality. Jack refuses to tell Ava anything about Ashlee because he was her counselor and that is all he can or will say. Ava decides to go to her father for help but Jeffrey will not help her hurt someone. Ava becomes angry with him when Jeffrey believes she is acting just like Olivia. Ava has been warned by Jack and now Jeffrey that she had better not dig into this any deeper.

Testing the waters to get a feel for how bad Ashlee’s past is Ava invites herself to join Coop and Ashlee at CO2 where she tells them she just spoke with an old friend. When Ava mentions the name Jack Summers Ashlee gets nervous and upset. Coop knows that Ava brought up the subject just to be cruel but he is curious to know why this person upsets Ashlee so much.

Pleased with herself, Ava invites Jack to be her date to the Spaulding Gala.. Coop and Ashlee try to make the best out of their fresh relationship but Ashlee’s past seems to be standing in her way. Ashlee and Coop fall asleep watching TV, Ashlee awakens and goes outside for air. When Coop wakes alone he goes to her. Coop promises her he will never leave after Ashlee claims she keeps waiting for him to just up and leave suddenly. Just like everybody in her life has.

Doris is busy campaigning with Alan at her side. When Doris witnesses a kiss and Coop tells her how devoted he is to her daughter Doris becomes worried that Ashlee may be duplicating her past mistakes when it comes to boys.

Reva can’t seem to stay away from Alan. Every time Jeffrey turns around Reva is missing. In outward appearances Reva and Alan have made peace but in private they bicker and struggle with what took place while they were out of town. Jeffrey tries in vain to learn exactly what is up with this new friendship but he cannot secure a straight answer from Reva or Alan.

Alan appears to be strong but there is something about him that has changed. Alan joins Beth at Company which leads to her coming home with him to talk more. Beth had admitted earlier to Dinah that she missed Alan in her own little way. Beth doesn’t want Doris to be mayor but feels Phillip would like seeing his vision for Springfield fulfilled.

Finally after making love to Jeffrey Reva’s guilt gets the better of her again and she slips away going to the Spaulding mansion. Alone in the dark drinking Reva and Alan bond over hiding and dealing with what they did. Alan tries to remain strong for Reva but she asks “How? How do you keep it together when we killed someone?”

Dinah is struggling to keep Mallet from working himself to death while he is struggling to keep her from having to worry about their debts. Mallet is taking even more work, now being employed as private security for Doris. Doris is treating Mallet like something annoying on the bottom of her shoe. Dinah overhears and speaks up telling Doris that Mallet quits. Pulling Doris aside, Mallet tells her that he really needs the work and for her not to take Dinah seriously. Doris agrees and orders him to be at the Spaulding Gala to guard her.

Mallet takes Dinah home to get her mind off of his work problems. Mallet promises that he will do whatever it takes to keep Dinah happy and safe but on that note he has to rush off back to work. Before he leaves, he does drop a hint that he may figure a way to pay of their bills and set them up for a while, remembering the large amount of money that he was counting to enter into evidence.

Dinah, frustrated with the whole situation that she feels she created calls Matt to hang out with her when Mallet won’t stay home.

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