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Guiding Light Update Friday 9/14/07

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Written By Dani

Ashlee dreams of herself wearing a dress she sees in a store window. Coop startles her and tells her she should buy it. Ashlee passes it off as she would have no where to wear it but Coop has the answer. She could wear it to the big Spaulding charity party next week when she goes with him as his date. Ashlee begins to get all weirded out and won’t commit one way or another to going with Coop. But she later returns and buys the dress in hopes of going to the party with Coop. Coop surprises Ashlee back at her room where he wants to watch the interview with her, of her and Doris. Ashlee doesn’t want to watch it and becomes uncomfortable when a question is asked about where she lived before. Ashlee sees herself become rattled on television and cuts it off.

Ava is sucking up to Doris to pry information out of her believing Ashlee did something terrible where they last lived. Doris appreciates the flattery and help on her campaign. Ava gets right to work making flyers and wanting to work on a biographical piece about Doris. When Ava asks about what Doris did before coming to Springfield she just answers “was a lawyer” and won’t tell Ava where at. Ava gathers or steals as much as she can to get her started looking into the Wolfe’s’ past. Ava turns up a name and number of a man that lives in the same town Ashlee is from. After getting the address from the operator she goes to the man’s apartment to speak with him about Ashlee. Jack Summers knows Ashlee but doesn’t say anymore when Ava asks if she can talk to him about her good friend.

Josh is furious when he learns from Frank that Cassie has come forward and taken the blame for hiring the subcontractor. Josh confronts Billy about it and they argue. Josh feels that this is just another irresponsible decision Billy has made in his life. Josh punches Billy and swears he will never trust him again. Billy calls Cassie and tries to talk her out of taking the fall. When he tells her he has been drinking Cassie is more determined to help him rather than hang Billy out to dry. Billy is filled with guilt and wants to attend a meeting as he promised Cassie he would but he just can’t resist the temptation and passes up the meeting.

To Cassie and Jeffrey’s surprise Reva barges into the lake house demanding that Cassie stop pointing the gun at Alan. Alan and Reva work together as friends to try and convince Cassie and Jeffrey that their time away was a truce of sorts. Reva and Alan tell a tale of what started out as an angry confrontation turned intervention. After a couple of secluded days together at Alan’s island house they drank and talked through their many issues. They have decided to let the past go and start fresh, working together to help their families. Neither Jeffrey or Cassie buy their almost unbelievable story.

Cassie can’t believe rave would go to such extremes to avoid signing the divorce papers and stage a seen so everyone would rush off looking for her. Reva is almost amused at her sister’s paranoia . Josh calls wanting to talk to Cassíe about what she has come forward with to frank and also Reva.

Reva returns home to meet with Josh to sign the divorce papers. Josh and Reva remember they had a good life together and there was more good than bad. They are grateful for the time they had together and the children they had. Reva breathes in her freedom when Josh leaves.

Later when Josh and Cassie meet up he tells her he can’t believe Reva signed the papers without a fight. What Cassie can’t believe is Reva and Alan becoming friends. Josh can’t believe this either. Cassie tries to explain what she herself can’t quite understand.

Jeffrey tries to get an answer out of Alan but Alan sticks to the story he and Reva were telling at the lake house. Alan isn’t smug or condescending he is friendly as if he doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Alan challenges Jeffrey to ask Reva if Jeffrey doesn’t believe him. Oh, Jeffrey intends on doing just that.

At home Jeffrey doesn’t do much better getting to the bottom of Reva and Alan’s bizarre behavior. Reva changes the subject and tries to slip out to pick up carry out but Jeffrey insists on going himself. Reva slips out the back door to go see Alan.

In the study over drinks they both agree they came close to getting caught and they had better stick to their story until “the whole thing blows over” and their secret will be safe.

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