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Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/13/07

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Written By Dani

Marina receives a package from Cyrus. Inside is a string bikini for her to wear when he takes her to France. When marina calls him after receiving the gift he tells her their house has a lake out back and the best beaches in the country are only 20 minutes away. Marina gets frustrated with him that he isn’t listening and won’t understand she can’t just leave her life.

The pressures of the election and public are beginning to weigh on Buzz but he has very sound advice for Marina. It is okay for her to love Cyrus and she needs to just let go every once in a while and do something for herself. Marina struggles with her love for Cyrus and leaving her family, career, and morals behind. Marina is convinced she can’t love Cyrus and just be herself, there fore they cannot be together.

Marina gets a call to check on a possible breaking and entering at the Spaulding Lake house but finds Cyrus instead. Cyrus continues to fight for her to give in and run off with him. Cyrus touches a nerve when he speaks admiringly about Buzz and the life he has led following his heart rather than his had. All Cyrus wants is to live a happy life and look back when he is old and know he had love and excitement in his life. Marina’s big fear is that it won’t be long before she is the one being left behind.

Cyrus gets a bit of bad news. After Alex is confronted by Jeffrey who is in desperate search of Reva she calls off the fundraising party. Alex fears there could be severe legal fall out if Alan has done something illegal. Jeffrey did threaten her with the Feds if he didn’t find Reva. Cyrus manages to flatter her into not calling off the party but things still aren’t looking good for him. Alex has decided to challenge Alan for leadership of the company if Alan is around to be in charge but things aren’t looking like he will be there to fight for his position. She is going to bring the company back to what it once was and make it better than when Alan ran it. To ensure accuracy and things are being run correctly everything will be looked at by her and double-checked. Everything means every phone bill, bank statement, contract, etc.

Alexandra has hopes of bringing Lizzie back into the family fold and company but Lizzie doesn’t want any part of either. Especially after she learns that Reva is missing and Alan is most likely responsible. Alex doesn’t approve of the side Lizzie is taking in business and in the search for Alan and Reva but Lizzie is her own woman now and knows what Alan is capable of.

As things are escalating with the fallout of the building collapse Lizzie has to call a halt to Billy’s drinking. Now that it is causing problems she can’t allow him to drink anymore. Lizzie pours out all of Billy’s booze he had been drinking since having a not so social run in with the subcontractor responsible for the poor quality of the building that was involved in the accident.

Cassie who is determined the best thing for Lewis Construction is if she claims to be at fault for hiring the subcontractor but her heroic efforts are going to have to wait. Cassie thinks she needs to get Reva to speak out with her and Billy and Lizzie about the accident. Cassie believes Reva has been avoiding her so she won’t have to sign the divorce papers so she goes to confront her in person. Jeffrey answers the door and is disturbed but Cassie feels her situation is more pressing. When she insists on seeing Reva Jeffrey has to tell her that Reva is missing. Jeffrey tells her what he believes has happened to Reva. Cassie doesn’t doubt it for one second but just to be on the safe side she sends a secret message to Reva from Shane in hopes she will contact them. No word from Reva, Cassie is certain something is amiss.

Jeffrey calls in some of his covert government contacts to try and get a lead on their missing persons. Jeffrey is tipped off that Alan is on his way to the lake house. He and Cassie wait for Alan and the authorities to arrive but Alan gets there first. Unsuspecting Alan walks through the door only to find Cassie waiting with a gun drawn on him. She demands to know where Reva is.

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