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Written By Dani

Daisy tells Ashlee that she and Rafe have plans to meet at the Spaulding lake house later tonight to have sex for the first time. Ashlee becomes nervous and tries to talk Daisy out of it but Daisy is in love. Ashlee makes a quick exit when Harley comes home. Daisy tries to talk to her mother about when she and Dylan met and were in love. Harley doesn’t pick up on what Daisy is getting at rather she thinks daisy is trying to play matchmaker now that guess is out of the house. Harley tells Daisy she and Dylan will never be any more than friends. Dylan drops by to visit with Daisy but she tells her parents that she has already made plans to study at a friends house. Anxious for Daisy to do well in school Harley allows her to go but only until dinnertime.

Gus and Natalia plan to take Rafe to the movies as a family unit. They are hoping the more time they spend together as a family will help straighten him out and keep him away from Daisy. Rafe is at the newsstand where he is suppose to be buying snacks for the movie but instead he purchases condoms. Rafe makes a fast excuse claiming his lab partner called and needs help. Gus allows him to go.

At the lake house Daisy is nervous and Rafe is too. He has never had sex with someone he cares about and Daisy is a virgin. They undress in opposite corners and try way too hard to do everything right but it is just too awkward. Daisy is surprised to find out Rafe has had sex before and Rafe becomes concerned when he learns Daisy is a virgin. Rafe asks her to wait so it will be just right because he cares for her. Daisy agrees and they just hang out until it is time for them to report back to their homes.

They cruise the channels and definitely disagree over what to watch. Wrestling over the remote turns from playful to romantic. Daisy and Rafe just somehow melt together and it feels right. They have sex that neither regret or feel bad about.

Gus goes over to Harley’s to pick up some of his things, specifically mementos that mean something to him. Harley has been complaining about his stuff being at the house but when he tries to take items from their marriage and better times together she gets emotional and doesn’t want him to take anything. Harley being difficult turns into a physical struggle her hysteria when Gus tries to take a blanket. Gus begs her to stop yelling and throwing things at him but she won’t. he crosses the room and takes her face forcing a passionate kiss. Harley is angry but kisses him back with force. They make their way to the bedroom and have highly charged and angry sex. Afterwards they lie with their backs to each other Harley keeps telling him this can never happen again it is still good-bye. Gus tries to fight for her and their marriage but she just can’t trust him. Harley gets dressed because she can’t look at him. When she receives a call from the station needing her to respond to a trespassing call Gus wants to go. Harley insists on going alone because the sight of him just breaks her heart.

Gus goes over to the Spaulding mansion to check on Rafe who still isn’t home. Harley gets to the location of the trespassing to find daisy and Rafe half naked. She is beyond furious and hurt by the both of them and drag them from the house. Harley takes Rafe home for him to tell Natalia what he did. Harley is surprised to see Gus there just after having sex with her but she doesn’t have time to deal with that right now. Rafe tells Natalia and Gus that he and Daisy had sex. All three parents yell and lecture them about having sex too young. Daisy and Rafe don’t care what they are saying or what they went through because they are in love and believe they are different.

At home Daisy shows her vulnerable side and becomes emotional when Harley wants to lecture her more. Daisy begs Harley to please just not ruin the night that was perfect and caring for her. Daisy feels special because Rafe picked her and cares for her not because he has to but because he wants to. Harley sees that there is more driving daisy and her feelings than just teenage hormones.

Daisy tells Harley she is sorry for letting her down. With a hug Harley tells her “No, you’re not. I wasn’t “ after remembering how she felt after she had sex for the first time.

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